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 [我不是弱者,我一定打勝這場仗!]阿梅的誓言,令人喝采!  現在雖香消玉殞, 但阿梅的精神永垂不朽, 永遠是個大贏家!  她永遠活在我們心裏!



,一代歌后香消玉殞,2003年12月30日 病 逝 養 和 醫 院 Anita Mui passed away at 2:50 a.m. 12/30/03  

梅姐:  我們永遠懷念妳!

Mui Jei, We miss you forever & ever!

兜兜轉轉追與尋  才明內心  有讓我躺的路  誰在過往同行  今天我再望到  人在世即是過客  永記起某路人對我好



2003 events  2003 活動:

Classic Moment Live  03  梅 艷 芳 經 典 金 曲 演 會

Last activities & funeral, ,memorial news在世最後日子及公祭等新聞 (updated 10/06/07)



Birthday Party Review

b'day party photos/生日派對照片


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新書:  "不可能再遇上- Anita 梅豔芳" "Anita, Never and Forever" (03/13/08)

集體重温梅姐光輝成就( updated 03/26/09) (translated articles uploaded 03/26/09)

Collective memories of Anita Mui 永遠懷念梅姐 (updated 07/01/08)



News 2005-2009 AND 2009-2017(Updated Feb 1st/2017)

gossip column/Negative News是非版   (updated 11/20/09)

Overseas newspaper: Miss them a lot 好想念他們( 07/30/06)


Who will perform Anita Mui's song那位又演繹梅豔芳名曲?(09/02/07)

Anthony Lun talked about Ah Mui in this recent interview 倫永亮學佛音緣 (03/28/07)


 Heart Sutra / 心經meaning of prayer經文淺解 (Pinyin)

The book : Heart of Modern Woman 自傳書冊:現代女人心

Lyrics in English   (08/15/06) 

無論你在人生那個階段, 切記及發揚

阿梅精神: [堅強面對, 施福他人].

  Mui Spirit:  [Be Brave to face Reality, be Generous to help People in need.]

can be  a motto throughout the course of our life!

photos 照片

Biography June 1990 (latest upload June 9th 2013)


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領獎等珍貴片段  Video Clip   (updated on 10/07/07)

昔日的聲音Voice in Nostalgia      



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Anita Mui Forum 


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Posting from 2006 to 2009

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Anita's Video Corner
This Week's Feature Clip
April 22nd, 2018
"Hong Kong 1999 Concert"
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2003 highlights


Last few days's news when alive在生最後新聞    

12/29/03:news:阿 梅 日 日 飲 靈 芝 水 強 Ah Mui drinks Linzhi water everyday

12/28/03:news:阿梅無採用訊號治療Ah Mui is just receiving normal treat

12/27/03:news: 梅 宜 養 好 身 體 再 戰 江 湖Ah Mui should get fully recovered then work again梅 艷 芳 被 踢 爆 平 安 夜 不 在 家/Choy Yat kit said she was not at home on Christmas Eve

12/26/03:news:阿梅病情再惹揣測There is further speculation about the health condition of Ah Mui

12/25/03:news:梅平安夜火雞 Ah Mui had turkey for Christmas Eve 

12/24/03:news:梅 艷 芳 精 神 OK 可 進 食Ah Mui feels good, can eat  

09/06/03: Photos:  09/05/03  洲際酒店記招 press conference at Inter Continental 

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