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[TV Weekly]   Dec 12, 1982


Anita Mui just at starting point of the road to success


She said:  What change in the future?  All depends on myself.....       

By one song Anita Mui soared to stardom.  She gives people the impression that she doesn't care about anything, she is straight forward in speech, she says whatever she wants to say, no reserves.

[I'm very stubborn, I never like other people to tell me what to do.]

When Anita Mui talks, she is very calm, not hesitating like normal young girls.

[My mother organized arts school in the past, employing teacher teaching singing, she was the principal.  I have learnt singing and dancing when I was very young;  then, my mother organized a singing and dancing group, held performance in night clubs.  My sister and I started to perform in night clubs when we were under 10, that is why I'm not afraid facing many strangers.]

Anita Mui might have more than 12 to 13 years of performing experience.  No wonder she can sing so well.  She not only got the champion, she was appreciated by  "渡邊正文"  and has been invited to join the Tokyo Music Festival of the coming year.

[This is a bonus to me.  I am very happy to win the championship, and never thought I have the chance to participate in the famous music festival in Japan.  I will definitely go in March, next year, also I will try my best to sing.]  First time, Anita Mui showed  smile of excitement.

Anita Mui is the vice chairman of the fans club of "西城秀樹".  She led the group of fans to watch the concert of 西城秀樹 in Japan during August of last year, she is crazy about "西城秀樹".

[If "西城秀樹" proposes to you, would you marry him?] I teased her.

Unexpectedly Anita Mui nodded her head without hesitation, and replied seriously: [I will, he is perfect in my heart.  Many people say that I use "西城秀樹" to promote myself.  That is not true.  Everyone has one's idol, how can they say that?  very weird.]

I feel Anita Mui is different from others.  She likes to do whatever she likes to do, never cares what others look at her.  Just like when she performs, she likes to wear gloves, her way of matching reminds people of 50s,  bringing nostalgic remembrance.  But songs she sings are the most popular ones, not nostalgic at all, doesn't match her way of dressing.  But Anita Mui likes it.  People even suspects that she has scars on her hands, so that she has to wear gloves.

Anita Mui laughed cheerfully and showed both of her hands, so fair and so slender, no scar at all.  She said: [I like wearing gloves, like to look pretty.]

Anita Mui has lots of working experience, but she can't hide the sentiment of a young girl of 18.  Any difference between Anita Mui of today and the one before she won the singing contest?

[No change.]  Anita Mui shook her head naturally. [But I gained some and lost some.  After winning, I am under mental pressure.  Right now I am only at the starting point of the road to success, what will happen in future, all depends on myself.  My mother knows many people of entertainment circle,   I gave up many chances to start my career in this circle before.  I want to start my career by myself.]

It is said Anita Mui has gone to a trail test at TVB, if suitable, she might perform in the TV soap opera.  Now Anita Mui has many chance to develop, it depends on how she hard she is going to work.


《香港電視》    第771期    1982年8月12日