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Yuk Long TV   742      Dec 29, 1991


Anita Mui Ever Changing Farewell Concert


The Farewell Concert already had its first show on Dec 23.  Man Chu Sa Wah was the opening song for the show, it was so touching.  Then many beautiful songs followed

[Ever Changing Anita Mui Farewell Concert] had its first show on Dec 23, at Hong Kong Coliseum.  Before the concert, she already declared she would be very hot and “let go” in the concert.  How to let go?  Only this already made people anxious to see the concert.  It was known she would imitate Madonna in this show, but Madonna’s erotic, grade III style, how can Ah Mui be compared with her?  Must go to the concert to see.

That night, Anita Mui started her concert with the touching song “Man Chu Sa Wah”.  Then she asked the audience if the stage looked too narrow?  This should not be the problem, because she would perform all her best songs with her heart to the audience

Beautiful songs, beautiful Anita, full of energy

Ah Mui tried to prove that she is good in singing and performing and she is beautiful, also full of energy.  Her costumes were very tight made of very thin material, when she immersed in quick songs and hot dances, her bonny structured all displayed without reserve in the eyes of the audience.  Madonna is best at self caressing, in her costumes, and rubbing her lower part of the body with male dancers.  Ah Mui was really good in imitation, about 90% of Madonna.  Audience could not help but giving her compliment by saying; [pornographic with taste].  Among all stage performance of HK singers, hers was most challenging, could be classified as 3rd grade erotic.

Ah Mui said she would not imitate [double Yip], two together would not expose more than 5 dots.  She would expose 12 dots, really had to sing till 12 oclock, to let all her fans and supporters have satisfaction.  She was telling the truth, even her beloved students, Grasshoppers, Andy Hui and Patrick Tam all performed whole heartedly.

Though Lai Siu Tin started a campaign on the stage, asking fans to plead Ah Mui to change her mind, she stressed that it was after serious consideration that she made this decision.  She always gives people the impression that she is tough, maybe this is the reason that she is not married.  After she retires from the stage, she really has to plan for her future direction.

Getting no award, no regret

Recently it seems she has no luck for award.  She failed to get the Best Actress Award in the Golden Horse Film Exhibition.  And she is not nominated as a candidate for the Health Image Competition.  On the contrary, both Andy Lau and Leon, though looked so withered, are on the candidate list.

What does this indicate?  Ah Muis life not healthy, or her popularity is going downhill?

She doesnt feel regretted for not getting award (at least she can still keep herself calm in front of others), she replied lightly:  [To join any competition has to be fated, to get nominated is a glory.  Whether getting the award or not is another matter.  Talking about competing for health image, I should not get it, if I get it then it will be a real a surprise.]

Ah Mui laughed at herself that she is sick all the time, also she has night life.  Moreover among all her changing images, witch girl, bad girl, all these already left a clear impression to the audience, she gives them an impression that she is not healthy, she didnt get nominated was expected.

She feels that among all the artists, Olivia Cheng Man Ya is most healthy.  Olivia used to be the athlete of high jump record holder, even once released portrait photo collection of herself,  she still gives people the fresh healthy look, nothing pornographic and she has no rumors.  She got married to her loved one not too long ago, she has a happy family, she is the symbol of health.  It is a pity Olivia has not been nominated for this competition either.

[Actually many people are very healthy, Leon, Chow Yuet Fat, Liza all have regular life with healthy thinking, they got selected, I feel the result of the competition is very fair.]

After concert good rest

Then can Ah Mui be reckoned as unhealthy?  A very critical question.

[I cant be regarded as unhealthy, as my thinking is still very health, not dirty minded.  But after this concert, I will take a good rest.  For recording or playing for movies, I will be very strict for quality.  I have to try my best.  In the past I have spent too much time on singing, I feel pressure increased, so I could not arrange all the things properly.  This is one of the reasons that I decided to back out from part of my work, and be less hectic.]

Ah Mui emphasized that it doesnt mean she wont touch music anymore after her concert, it only indicates that she will not compete for any awards.  On the contrary, she will concentrate more in recording better songs for the music lovers.

What will happen to the music industry and its annual award presentation after the Big Sister declared not to take part in it?

[In the past, I would make some speculation too, but the actual situation changes all the time, difficult to estimate.  Once I gave great hope to Chan Wai Hai and Faye Wong, but both went abroad studying.  In 1991, Andy Lau and Leon were most competitive, really very hard to speculate.  I feel if with quality then they can endure the test.  When the luck comes, will win naturally.  Otherwise even to have a glimpse of glory will still be very difficult.]

She doesnt like to give any comment about the competition of Leon and Andy Lau in the music industry.  In terms of private relationship, she knows Wah Zai better, not necessary to praise him or criticize him.  On the other hand,  it will be unfair to cast any comment on Leon

Savior of the Soul – play 2 roles.

Wah Zais film Savior of the Soul got lots of compliment and the box office income was good too.  Ah Mui, being the leading female player, of course she is very happy.  Some said she only charged Wah Zai half price, as she still likes Wah Zai.  Even Wah Zai didnt ask her to take part in the film she would volunteer to offer herself.  Ah Mui doesnt know to get mad or crack to laughter about this rumor, she said: [Am I that cheap?  Wah Zai sincerely invited me to take up the role, how would I offer myself?  But it shows that he found the right person.  It was very difficult to play in this movie.  I had to play 2 roles.  When we were rushing for the movie, I had to prepare for the farewell concert too.  Thinking about this, I should charge him more.]

Ah Mui never cares about money too much.  She is only joking when she said she would chase after for pay.   She and Wah Zai, wont be too serious about money matter due to their relationship.

No one asks her to play grade III movies

Ah Mui has had the satisfaction of being the Best Female Actress, she wishes her career in filming will achieve another climax.  [Yuen Lin Yuk], which was originally tailor made for her, brought the Best Actress Award to Maggie Chueng in the Gold Horse Film Exhibition. But she herself didnt get any award for her Au Revoir Mon Amor.

Recently the market focuses on grade III movies.  Yip Yok Hing becomes the sexy star.  In comparison, Ah Mui, being so bony, with a goal to have breakthrough, gets lots of pressure from Yip.

[Yip Yuk Hing is really very outstanding, she can go completely nuke, it is a great sacrifice.  Cant just compare with her.  Maybe movie investors know that I am not qualified for that, so they never ask me to shoot for grade III movie. A few years ago, someone asked me to have my picture collection taken under the water, the pay could be HK$3 million.  But I didnt have time at time, and also didnt know how it would come out.  If I can physically train my body, and have time, I want to have a photo collection of my health and sexy look.]

Denying  about having love affair

Ah Mui is very direct and out spoken, but she is conservative in some areas too.  She feels that there is difference between sexy photo collection and being nude in a grade III movie, she is afraid that her future husband will not like that.

Very natural she is asked about her love affair with Ben Lam.  No matter how hard she tries to deny she is dating, only admitting that they can communicate and are good friends, but Ben Lam aggressively expressed his love of her, that makes her dare invest in this relationship.

However, she still insists: [Dont say that we are dating, when you talk too much, we will feel embarrassed.  Dare not even talk to each other even we have something to say.]

Mr. Ben admits that one of the reasons why he works so hard is to please this lady.  He must have enough capital before he can form a happy family.  And hee must have this will fulfilled before 40.

Will Ah Mui marry him to form a family?  She herself can’t guarantee.  But she is working very hard towards this goal too.  Her supporters, of course hope her dream come true, and a wedding in the near future.