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Love against Fate  (1985)

Fatigue on the face becomes the trade mark of Anita Mui now.  No matter what time you see her, in the morning, noon, evening, night or mid night/early morning, she looks very weak, no energy, plus her structure of "drug addict's skinniness", she makes people worry about her health.

Her films have been shown one after the other.  Her development in the film business seems to be better than in her singing career.  But surprisingly, no matter her look and her songs are full of sadness, on screen you will see a neurotic and silly young girl, full of vitality.  You can't help laughing she is entirely a different person from her songs.

She said:  [Maybe the media feels that I will lose the aroma of sadness once I open my mouth.  That is why they want me to play those roles seemingly never grow up.  Unless I don't have to talk, then I can play the role of mature person.]

True, talking with Anita , you will realize her look doesn't match with what she says.  She looks cool and experience, but she is so straight forward when she talks, natural and childlike.  Sometimes she can make you forget about all the grief and antagonism among this world, because in her talking you can feel the true sentiment.

She often says: [I have a sad fate.  Since young I have to work in public, I have seen all kinds of people, many people can't believe it  -------  only myself.  Therefore I won't have too many friends, at the same time not many people will like me, someone even want me to die.]  

Nobody will understand her better than herself.  What she said is true, many people don't like Anita Mui.  Why?  only because her appearance and face.  They always feel that she is in disguise.  She purposely creates an image different from others in order to attract attention.

But who is not doing that?  The so called show business has to rely on this, then it will be full of entertainment.  Only some disguise to be "little pitiful", some "little lovely", "little sad", "little....".  So what is Anita Mui?  She is just another type of singer, she won't try to please everyone's taste for praise on purpose.

With her success in her career, she encounters failure in her love life.  She broke up with her boy friend and she felt that she lost face.  This again proves what she meant "sad fate".  In fact, life can't be perfect in all areas.  When you get some certain achievement, naturally you have to scarifize or change yourself.

From Anita's determined look, I don't see she will give herself up or allow herself to deteriorate for her love affairs, and won't let her career be affected.  As she always emphasized: [I have seen these problems of love life a lot of time, but this time I play the leading role.  Some times I really can't tell it is real life or just acting in a film, because many scenes seem to be very familiar.  Maybe this is the sadness of being an artiste!]

If one doesn't have a working attitude of getting fully involved in it, then one won't have a feeling of such "grief".  Often Anita Mui is over-involved in it so she makes herself feel more lonely, makes herself weaker and skinnier.

The concert in December is her dream of many years.  A concert named after her real name is the attraction of this concert, and it is the real chance to test and to find out her position in the hearts of her fans.  She has started practicing singing, discussing about costumes and etc.  Her originally coarse voice becomes more low, originally slim body becomes slimmer, originally....

She still says: [I have a sad fate.  I have no choice.  I have to try my best for every thing , I can't have any reserve, even I have to  make the greatest sacrifice, I will have no regret.]  There is ups and downs in life, I believe she can handle  all sensations of her future life.