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Moive biweekly  Sept 23, 1993


Anita Mui as Kwun Yin with many hands

Love for her country


[I dare not say I determined to help Chinese, but I do hope to do something for the Chinese.  Now, many people thought I have changed, actually it is only a difference of time, different reaction under different circumstances.]        

When watching Anita Mui in "Bad Monk", Anita was just playing a role of Kwun Yin with many hands.  When interviewed her, my mind was full with the image of Anita Mui as a Kwun Yin with many hands.  From her tone, we can feel her sincere love for her country.  She doesn't have any political opinion, no detailed analysis, because she is not good in that.  But what she has is "love", a dignified feeling.

Now you are the Big sister of the entertainment world, "fame" maybe could not be increased, "profit" maybe doesn't mean too much to you, now what are you after?

[I don't think so......hehe.......I really want to make some more better films, also want to play more diversified roles.  I want to work with more good directors, and cooperate with a good crew of back stage staff, hoping to have good director, script, cinematography, beauty director, even the other actors/actress.  Just hope everything as perfect as possible.  Then if I let them control everything, the outcome definitely won't be too bad.  Now I try to select better films, and like to keep the present standard, therefore I have already rejected at least 10 scripts this year.  The main reasons are:   some of them don't give enough time for shooting, hard for me to have confidence, some don't have good scripts, some don't have a good supporting backstage crew.  So I'd rather not to work in those films than having mass production.

As a movie critic, I'm not entirely ignorant of the movie circle.  I feel it is unfair for some actors/actresses.  By looking at the script, the investment, the backstage crew, all very ideal,   but whether a film  will be successful, the result be good, the actors/actresses really have no control, really helpless.  I believe when you worked for "The Magic Crane", it was partly because of the good independent production company and good director.  But it ended with bad reviews, bad box office.  How did you feel?

Actually "The Magic Crane" is not a isolated problem.  It is the problem of the whole film industry.  Now the whole film industry is in depression, the production cost is very high, the pay to actresses/actors keep on climbing.  Under such situation, the film company can only save money in the production cost, and cut short production time.  Original 50 groups of scripts has to be cut to 30.  Therefore, crude and low quality production will appear, the result of course will be below expectation.  As an actress myself, of course I don't wish that we will lower our pay to save the market, but under such situation, it is not a matter of if to reduce our pay or not, or to fight against such request, it is a time we should work together to reach an agreement, to compromise.  I hope the actors/actresses of today will get majority part of their pay, and invest the small part in the film.  If the film makes money, then the actors/actresses will get more.  If the film suffers a loss, then the film investor will not suffer too great a loss.  So they would like this method.

Your recent films [The Magic Crane] in which you were the leading actress and [Mad Monk] in which you were playing a guest role, both didn't have good box office, would that have some bad impact on you?  

No, won't give me any impact.  I would only worry the whole market of the Hong Kong film industry.  More than a few hundred people will lose their jobs, it is vital influence to the HK film industry.  As for myself, I don't have any special demand, no impact at all.  Frankly speaking, I feel "The Magic Crane" is not a bad movie?!

How about "Heroic Trio"?

"Heroic Trio" is a film full of sincerity, it is a film with standard.  The production is serious, and it is full of very good creativity.  However, the box office was not good.  When the income not good, of courses there would be many excuses, including such saying that females difficult to sell, no male star of course can't sell lar.  In short, if they want to make up reasons, there always can be many reasons.  But personally I feel "Heroic Trio" is a movie with sincerity, it is a result of continuous pursuit of creativity.  Also no matter those who took part in the film or those who worked behind the scene, all have done their best.  The box office intake not good, there are many reasons, such as the economy is not good in general, VCD getting more popular.  To spend more than HK$40 to watch  a film in the cinema, might as well rent a VCD and go home to watch with the whole family.  It is the trend that people like to rent VCD, it is prevalent, more and more people feel that watching movies at home is better.

Recently you finished "The Executioners", "Heroic Trio 2", How are these films?

As the first series has outstanding result, so going to shoot for the next series, of course I'm delighted, and the whole working crew are very happy about it.  We cooperate very well together, that makes me really enjoy working for a film.

You have worked for many films, and also have won  the best actress award, which film you like the best?

Many people would think that I would say "Rouge".  But to me, getting award is just an honor, that  brings pleasant surprise.  To work for a film is not only for award, as it also brings fulfillment.  Talking about those films I like, not only "Rouge", I like "Better Tomorrow III", "Kawashima Yoshiko", "Justice My Foot" and etc. I like to work with Stephen Chow too.

Really?  Then about the actors, which one left you with deepest impression?

There are a few of them, such as Fat Zai (Chow Yuen Fat), he is a very rare and outstanding actor, not only outstanding, he can bring others into the film.  Next one is Wah Zai (Andy Lau), he can influence people strongly, and he never gets tired.  So in presence of him, even I feel tired I dare not say so.  Then Sing Zai (Stephen Chow), he is not only talented, but could be regarded as rare talent.  You can't imagine that he is such an outstanding comedian.  In normal life, he is entirely a different person, he doesn't talk jokes.  Maybe he just accumulates all his jokes and then in the film burst them, once for all.  Comparing 3 of them, Fat Zai left me the never forgetting impression.

Do you feel any difference between being a singer and being an actress?

It is difficult to be a singer, I haven't been a singer for 2 years already. life is easier for me now.  Being an actress, from the beginning to the end, I will be provided everything by other people.  The role is designed by other people, image and everything is already prepared.  All I have to do is try my best in front of the camera, I don't have control of the  success or failure.  But being a singer, I bear the pressure of failure and success.  If there is problem for the album, the record company will put all the responsibilities on the singer.

It is said that you will come out to sing again?

Shouldn't say I "come out" to sing again.  At that time, I didn't say I would not sing again, I only retired from the stage.  I definitely will continue to sing.  Singing, though, brings lots of pressure, I have been with fans for so many years, they love me devotedly.  Singing becomes my responsibility, I can't be that irresponsible.  So I will continue to release albums.  As for shows, those variety show, shows for charity, not so much pressure, I will appear to enjoy the feeling being on a stage, also not too much pressure.

In the entertainment circle, I'm very sure that Anita Mui is not a trouble maker.  But fate always seems to play on you, it seems that all troubles befall on you.  Why do you think it is like this?

Maybe it is my image.  Many people are curious about me, and also many people misunderstand me, especially that type of song as "Bad girl", that gave people an impression of bad girl.  I had my first album in 18, there was already rumors.  During the coming years, no matter what I did, there was no remedies.  Till now, maybe other people already accept me for my bad image, they won't be surprised if I even get worse, so I feel better now.   I can only accept the fate, maybe my fate is full of rumors.  Also I have a character of tomboy, not gentle, that will cause more rumors.

Do you ever feel that it is a lonely road for you in this entertainment circle?

Of course, I feel so, really very lonely.  For all these years, I can't share my feeling with anyone.  I have been by myself all the time.  Also I have such a character, I will face and solve problems all by myself.  I always hope when meeting friends, it will be happy time.  After going through so much trouble, friends have not deserted me, I already feel very happy about it.  Therefore, being in this circle so long, what I get, not really status and monetary profit,  is a group of friends who didn't desert me when I was in my worst situation.

From Jun 4th, till now, what do you feel from the day of pro democracy movement till today as helping in the natural disasters? 

Before June 4th, I felt I had all kinds of experience, I was very mature.  But during the period of June 4th, I really experienced all grief and anger that I never had experienced before.  Then I realized that besides work, we had to face many problems during this life.  Starting from that time, I told myself that I have to do something.  I dare not say I determine to help Chinese, but I do hope to do something for the Chinese.  Now, many people thought I have changed, actually it is only a difference of time, different reaction under different circumstances.  I feel some people are criticizing Chinese authority, some people are helping them.  It is a good thing, just like kids, they need a serious father to scold them, at the same time they need a kind mother to help them.  Right now I hope China can succeed in their application for hosting the Olympic 2000.  China has too  many illiterate people with low education level, hosting the Olympic Games can influence the culture, expedite cultural development and advancement to democracy.  Under the surveillance of the whole world, I believe their etiquettes will improve too.  Now many people go to China to invest or work, gradually, education will be improved, and the whole country will advance towards a good direction.  Actually, if it is opened up too quickly, it might not necessary be a good thing.  You can see those very open and developed countries also have many problems , so it is  best to keep the good points and improve the weaker areas.  Besides Olympic Games, I also hope I can help in  education, medical and some other areas, also bring the beautiful Hong Kong culture to them as well.

You have been Buddhism for many years, does it affect you life?

I have turned to Buddhism many years ago.  Since young, I have strong self confidence .  It is not easy for me to tell others about myself.  My father passed away long time ago.  My mother asked Kwun Yin to foster me as her daughter.  So since young, my best friend is Kwun Yin, I talk to her, tell her what I feel.  Therefore no matter how difficult those days were, I still felt the tranquility, I would not give myself up.  Half a year ago, I finally went through empowerment by Tibetan Buddhism .  So I'm a real Buddhism now.  Nowadays when I go to seafood restaurant, I dare not order whatever I like, it seems I will kill them.

Your love life, any change in your view?

Of course yes.  In the past I always looked forward to excited love affair with strong feelings.  But now, I only wish some ordinary but true and long lasting relations.  Something that comes too quickly, often vanishes too quickly too, also that will hurt people too easily.

Now, what wish you that you want to achieve most?

I wish one day that China will have an international status.  I don't like Chinese to be looked down by foreigners.  I feel, no matter what we do, if scolded her a few years ago for June 4th, now try to help her directly,  we want China to be strong and prosperous, and Chinese people to leave suffering.   But during these few years, China has opened up too fast, many people take advantage of that and reap profits, I hope there will be improve in this one day.



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