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阿梅視頻網站 Anita Mui Video website (uploaded on 10/07/07)

芳華絕代(官方清晰版) Fong Hwa Tsui Tei   ( - uploaded 10/06/07


New website by fans:  比生命更大之火鳳凰- Anita Mui


阿梅唱的心經"Sum Xing  - Prayer of the Heart by Anita Mui" -


歌迷私人網頁, 阿梅昔日訪問及篇段下載區  Fans web, Ah Mui interviews and clippings for download

New track "Hong Kong Nights"  (no more)

梅豔芳公祭 Last respect to Anita Mui at Funeral (updated 10/07/08) 

舊日的聲音Those were the days   (updated 06/19/05)

其他下載 Other download (with very good Xinjing once get into this page)


Anita Mui China Station


珍貴片段 audio, Video Clipping, interview, articles by Media


明報 (mingpao newspaper)   - with lots of pictures (already removed by Mingpoa)





星島日報(Singtao daily) - with lots of articles





天妒紅顏  歌聲絕響






香港電台  (HK radio) - with audio,  video clipping and radio interviews

RTHK tribute information on Mui (video clips of award presented to Mui in the past by RTHK

( tilll 01/11/04)




商業電台 (commercial radio) - video, audio





ANITA MUI DIES       video clipping by reuters



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