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Mingpao Weekly 1991


After the time bomb with Paul exploded

Anita Mui and Ben Lam started their friendship at Singapore


Ah Mui sighed:  [ I and Ah Paul no more lar, no more fate!]


[Character, life style, after we know each other longer, many things not compatible....] Anita Mui said frankly, this is one of the reasons; [He is the type going to bed at 10:00 p.m. and get up at 8:00 a.m. a normal person.  But me, how can?]

[Not possible.  We live in 2 different world, different age group, and different culture.]  Ah Mui analyzed calmly: [Many things, he knows but I don't know.  When we talk, he likes to mix with English, whenever I can't understand, I start to feel inferior.]

Does Paul understand her?  Her good friend once told the media reporters: [Ah Paul, though very nice, and it's fun, he is too young, no experience.  She feels there is no communication, exchange between them, so how can there be echoes.]

Compromise was the only thing to keep their relation at the last stage.  [But there was always the time bomb]  Ah Mui said.

Not long after she went to visit Paul in England, this time bomb finally exploded unconsciously;  [During those few days in England, we all felt strongly that our relation is getting weaker and weaker.]

Character and different life style, no doubt  are the big obstacle.  But the main reason is because of those friends who Mui feels "important" to her.

[For him, for a period of time I stopped seeing a group of my good friends.  After a while, I felt guilty, so I went to see them again.  Then he was not happy, always asked me:  you go out?  Then I tried to go with him to those appointments, but he never enjoyed. ]  Ah Mui felt, Paul never really liked her friends.  

[If this drags on, only endless sufferings.]   Anita Mui is always so true and serious in every love affair.  When it ends, it always leaves scars, this one is no exception.

So Ah Mui happened to be very low in mood.  Then Ben Lam became the one [who stays beside me listening to me, sharing my feeling during the moment when I need friend most.]

[With Ah Ben, we don't have to explain to each other too much, also not too much trouble.  Though I look tough, actually I really need someone I can rely on.  He cares about me, very kind.  Every time when I have to solve some problems, he is the first one I think about.]  Gradually, Ah Mui's tone full of softness: [When I walk with him in the street, I feel I am a woman, also is a very young woman.]

Ah Mui explained, in real life, she always acts the role of Big Sister: [Just like bringing  a group of children out.]

He definitely not tender

When this article was released, Ben Lam already flew to Taiwan.  Before he left, got hold of him and wanted to ask him all the questions.  (The Chinese article not clear here.  As it is said "already left" but how can "before he left"?)

When mentioning about Ah Mui, he only laughed happily with his white teeth shown.

[I knew her 6 years ago.  At that time I became a member of Chan Family (that is the group under Jacky Chan.) We met from time to time, but just casual friends.  Then because of Grasshoppers (Ben Lam and Remus Choy are Kit Pai brothers, Ah Mui is Grasshoppers' Sifu),  we meet more often.  But still only limited to casual talk, singing, drinking that sort of things.]

At that time,  Ah Ben didn't think too highly of Ah Mui: [She can't stand being lonely, greedy for fun, after a few cups of  drinks, she became crazy, behaved outrageously.]

But looking back, Ben Lam regretted that he didn't know her well that time: [I only looked at her outside, overlooked her real self.]

Finally, he was gifted another chance by Heaven, he got to know  another side of her: [About more than half a year ago.  The Movie Star Football team went to Singapore to play a match.  She was in our cheer group.]

We only had match for one day, but stayed in Singapore for fun for about 4 to 5 days.......that night

[Both of us had drinks, and in mood, and more open when talking to each other.  Finally, we talked from about 1:00a.m. to 8:00a.m. ]  Ah Ben said he started to appreciate Anita Mui since that night.

Ben Lan not only completely understands Ah Mui, but it is the echo that difficult to get: [Her name never stopped to be related to other man, some, of course is not true, even is not false, can't blame her.  At her career, she is #1, but she feels empty and lonely by herself........I can feel and understands her mental condition.]

To Ah Mui, Ah Ben is stubborn like "ox"; To him, Ah Mui is stubborn too;  maybe as Mui said: [both of us belong to Libra mar!]

But, according to Ah Ben, Ah Mui never lost temper on him: [For all those days, we haven't really had any big fight.  I find one good point in her ---- whenever I reason with her, she will listen quietly, won't talk back. Till after I finish, she will tell me her own opinion.  I ask her later, why don't talk back?  She will laugh and say, to interrupt other's talking, not good.]

Friendship tested when both met predicament

[In the same unpleasant boat, then the real friendship can be tested], this  can be most suitable to describe Ah Mui and Ah Ben.

Ah Mui "got hurt", Ah Ben healed her wound with his real friendship;  when Ah Mui got unhappy things happened in his own family, Ah Mui helped him without hesitation.  He said: [ At the beginning of the year, my elder sister died of cancer, got problem at home.  Ah Mui immediately helped me to solve the problem.]

After they have been together for a few months, they both use "good friends" to describe their "newest relationship".  But their appearance at different places make people think otherwise, e.g.  both appear in the restaurant together; he always drives the eye-catching  blue sports car of black jeep in the public places to  drop her off or to pick  her up.  No wonder people talk so much about them?

Ban Lam is troubled by this: [She says not to be afraid, subconsciously she always wants to be a normal girl --- dining in restaurants, shopping, feel free, not necessary to hide.  But I have my own problem, what people will think about me when they see us?]

Down to the bottom, is it the inferiority complex?  Ben Lam didn't deny about it.  But he is not pessimistic: [I hope I can work hard to make some money.  At least, the gap should not be that big.]

But according to my understanding, Ah Mui is a passionate person who treasures friendship rather than money, she won't mind how much money.  But that Ben Lam said frankly: [How can she care about that?  Tell me, who can match her in that term?  Alan? Jacky Chan?  Fortunately she is a person she loves simplicity.  You never know, once she achieves her goal, she might step down, and do some real art work.]

She has already planned her retirement.  Ben Lam agrees or object to that ?

[No, no, no, she is always independent.  She has her own free choice.  Even one day we get married, I would just give her some suggestion, will never stop her to make her own decision.]  After said this, Ben Lam realized that he has leaked some secret, he added seriously: [If there is such possibility.]