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Beware of Anita Mui - Big Sister last battle in HK

(Music World of Today) 1995


Last year, Big Sister Anita Mui announced that she would come back to the stage.   The fist biggest movement was her concert in Canton.  But this was a charity concert for fund raising for handicapped people.  On Jan 20th, the night before her concert at Fushan, our reporter interviewed this famous lady who is so popular in HK show biz.

[Why no cover story?]

When Ah Mui saw the magazine "Music world of today", the first thing Ah Mui asked shocked the reporter.   After the reporter explained, she smiled and said: [Never mind, just joking, just joking!]

Ah Mui young and pretty, voice light.

Reporter:  How many times you have performed in China?

Mui:  I was here eight years ago, but only been to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a few cities.  Haven't been to cities in the north.  Last year (Actually it was 1993, footnoted by the writer) I performed in the City Hall at Beijing.

Reporter:  Being a Big Sister of Hong Kong Music Industry, how do you feel?

Mui:  I have never felt I have a prominent status.  I only feel that my career is  the performing art.

Reporter:  But you have the status that new singers can only look at and can never get it.

Mui:  No, no.  Actually the present Hong Kong music industry is full of all kinds of singers, many different kinds of singers.  Comparing to our time, it is more difficult for them.  There are opportunities, but comparatively less.   I already feel much relieved now, because  I'm not accepting awards anymore, I don't have too much pressure.  Now I only sing for my own interest.  Also I still have a large group of fans.  Even though I haven't sung for 2 years, they haven't given me up, forgot about me.  In contrary, they are much better to me.  Also more and more people like me, so to continue to sing is part of my responsibilities too.  That is why I hope I can record some really good songs, my real style, not only for commercial purpose.

Reporter:  You have raised and developed my new singers, such as grasshoppers, Andy Hui, Patrick Tam and etc.  What  do you think new people  should do in order to be successful?

Mui:  Actually it is lucky to be a new person, but also can be considered as unlucky.  In the past when I was a new person, I had to do many things myself, such as image, make up, design, so I could learn many things.  But now things are different.  New singers once they are exposed, they are followed by a whole group of people.  The staff of record company will arrange everything for them, image, make-up, they don't have to think too much.  But I like the way of the past.  I feel the new singers of today tend to be comparatively arrogant, maybe they get everything too easily, so they don't know how to treasure.  Therefore if there is opportunity, they should grab it, and then should not get too proud of themselves, and then work hard.  Some new people are too anxious, hoping to succeed in a very short period.  This is impossible.  Even succeeded, but it would not last long.

The most important thing for a singer is to sing good songs, image is secondary.  The priority of a singer is song, promotion is second, and getting award is third.  This is what I feel.

Reporter:  You are well known being "ever changing", in the album "Where does love belong?", you appeared in black and white only; then in the album "Caution,   Anita Mui" you appeared as a soldier, with helmet and rifle.  Do you have to think about your image every time?

Mui:  I feel image is to be designed with the songs.  Songs in the album "Where does love belong?" are about sentiments.  "Sentiment" can be expressed in different ways, in this album it is expressed  by a mature lady.  That is why image is to be in black and white, it reflects a woman from beginning to the mature attitude, there is not too many colors in her life, only black and white, only hoping stability.  Such kind of feeling is real.  I feel  too many colors are not necessarily good to a person, in contrary, simplicity can be the happiness.

The image designed for the theme song "Release yourself" for the album "Caution,   Anita Mui" is aiming to achieve a strong character.  I performed this song with singing method of black people.  I don't you if people can accept this.  This is a try, no matter if it is good or no good, I can make change in next album, I only hope to bring new feelings.

Reporter:  You just mentioned that mature woman longing for stability, then can you tell us something about your love life?

Mui:  Frankly speaking, up till now, almost more than 3 years, I haven't found a boy friend who is good,  who can be trusted or who will give me security.  Actually in 3 years I haven't been in love, on the other hand I realize that we not only live for this "little, narrow" love, there is a "bigger and wider" love waiting for us.  But a girl when approaching an age suitable for marriage should look for a boy friend, but this is not an enforced matter, I can own love from many friends.  Of course, this is a  bit regretful, if I can find a boy friend whom I can depend on, it is much better.

Reporter:  You are born with a very special voice, when you are performing during the concert, how do you express your sentiment?

Mui:  I feel singing is a method of communication between people.  I might have a song in my mind, I want to tell someone.  If you want me to tell him in face, it might be difficult for me; but if by singing, it is very easy for me to express my sentiment.   Skill of course is quite important, but, personally I think if a song can be accepted by people and it can stir up same echo, mainly is because sentiment has been immersed in it.

After the interview, Ah Mui showed the great interest in "The Mouth Crocodile" (That is the logo of the magazine "The Music World of Today",)  she also appreciated the congratulation words.  Ah Mui originally planned to offer a charity concert at HK Stadium in April, but had to cancel due to the noise regulation.  Now they are applying to have the concert in HK Coliseum.  But it is rather in a rush, Ah Mui hopes everything will be well cooperated and aims it to be the best concert.  Under this competitive environment, to a singer, the most shock is the change of the top management level.  Capital Artists, to which Ah Mui belongs, has great shift in personnel, many staff at promotion department have left the company.  CA has already lost its glory that  will never be regained.

Right now, Ah Mui is doing recording for the last album for CA.  She doesn't like further changes at this moment.  So she requested the company to hire those few staff who have already resigned to promote her last album.  Regarding the new contract, Ah Mui said without hesitation: [I have never urged myself to leave so quickly just like now.  But I have to see the result of the new album before I decide if I will stay or leave.  The chance is 50-50.

Ah Mui's character has never changed through the storms of these years.  So straight forward, never pretends.  She said she would come back, so she did, without reasons and without explanation.



小心梅艷芳 ── 香江大姐最後一戰







梅:八年前我曾經來過,但只是局限在廣州和深圳幾個地方,北邊一點的地方就沒有去過。去年 ( 實際上是1993年,作者注。) 曾在北京人民大會堂表演過。
















        採訪結束後,阿梅對「大嘴鱷魚」( 注:《當代歌壇》雜誌的標誌 ) 産生了濃厚的興趣,拿在手堻萲w得不得了。而且還欣然爲本刊題寫了賀詞。4月份,阿梅原定在香港大球場開慈善演唱會,但因噪音問題而被迫取消。現已申請紅館的4月演出,由於時間倉促,阿梅希望各方面能配合好,做到最好。在競爭激烈的環境堙A對於歌手來說,最大的震動莫過於公司的高層人員變動了。阿梅所在的華星公司在近幾年間,人事變動頻繁,今年許多宣傳人員更是紛紛離開,華星的光輝已一去不返。