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Willing to perform Cantonese Opera

Anita Mui has ideal actress to perform with


Anita Mui and Wong Hung Siu performed the Cantonese Opera 「劍合釵圓」at the [White Gold Super Star glittering Po Leung].  After that, I can never forget her image and her singing, as she really can make people feel drowsy!  At her birthday party with the fans.  She again performed with her sister the Cantonese Opera 「鳳閣恩仇未了情」.  Ah Mui's performance was natural, singing was accurate to the key, expression was good too, just like a real General.

[You are right, I'm destined to disguise as male role.  Never have a chance to be a female.]  It seems that Ah Mui is complaining.

[This is characteristic of you.  It is not easy to learn to be a male.  You are so good in performing Cantonese Opera, have you ever thought to join in the performance of Cantonese Opera?  Or organize a performance by yourself, how about a charity show of Cantonese Opera? so it can be a charity donation, at the same time people can enjoy your talent.]

After thinking for a while, she replied: [If I have a good partner, I might try.]  When mentioning about charity, she would never feel reluctant about it.

Then what does it mean a "good" partner?

[The matched keys, matched appearance.  The most important is that both have not performed Cantonese Opera before.  Then both will have more cooperation. less pressure and will be a happy cooperation.]  By her tone, it seems Ah Mui has  someone in mind that will be very suitable.  Who is that?

[It is just initial planning, never thought that far; also my knowledge about Cantonese Opera is just 『o也o也嗚』, how can I  sing just when I want to sing.]  Ah Mui is very serious when talks about this.  She is just like that, she gets herself involved in anything 100%, never wishy washy.

[I'm not flattering you. Your style and singing are up to standard of Cantonese Opera, especially you look so handsome, similar to Yam Kim Fai.]  I was telling her what I really feel.

[Really?  Yam Kim Fai is my idol.  Since I was young, I like to watch her performance.  Maybe there is too deep rooted an impression of her, so when I sing Cantonese Opera, I imitate her subconsciously.  But I don't feel that way myself.]  Seemingly she was thinking about how she performed Cantonese Opera, her eyes kept on rolling.

[Yam Kim Fai is your idol, no wonder you bought real estate properties at Vancouver and London, just following her.  Would you live at those places after you retire?] Anita Mui's real estate property in Vancouver costs HK$1.4 million, and the building in London costs HK$3 million.  Plus her luxurious flat at Tai Hong of HK$3 million.  So her total investment in real estate is already more than HK$7 million.  really makes people jealous of her.

[I have never thought about it.  Buying real estate is for investment, as I don't know how to do business.  The best thing is to live on rental income, so even after retire, I can still survive.  Also, investing in real estate is less risky.  The one in London has already appreciated, I am really happy about it.]  Ah Mui said cheerfully.

[The traffic is convenient, environment is beautiful, the most important is that it is very quiet but it is located close to busy districts.]  No wonder she has stayed in Happy Valley, and Tai Hong.  Not to blame her, after a day of hard work, the most enjoyable moment is to have a good sleep at a comfortable home.  Ah Mui is very thoughtful.