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Anita  Classic Moment Live  (2cd)


Released on Jan 8, 2004  唱片已在2004年1月日推出

(recommended retailing price HK$98:00 at smaller audio shop)


(by listening to this CD, I am full of memories of Ah Mui .  Just cannot believe she has already left us.  She was full of vitality, her voice was full of power.  She passed away only 1-1/2 months after the concert.......sigh)



Songs included in this Album

Disc One:  


  1. Overture
  2. Get drunk in dreams  夢埵@醉
  3. This is it是這樣的
  4. Classic Moment 
  5. Hold tight the one around  抱緊眼前人
  6. My precious one 心肝寶貝
  7. Which day/Lee Hong Kam 何日/李香琴
  8. Classic Moment 2
  9. Heart Debt  心債
  10. The 40th Night  第四十夜
  11. Summer Lover  夏日戀人
Disc Two:
  1. Solo Mio

  2. Dear lover 親密愛人

  3. Classic Moment 3

  4. Price of Love  愛情的代價

  5. I'm willing (Faye Wong's) 我願意

  6. Wondering like dream (George Lam's) 似夢迷離

  7. This life, this world (Leslie Cheung's) 今生今世

  8. Love you deeply (Danny Chan's) 深愛著你

  9. Walk my road all alone  孤身走我路

  10. Rouge  胭脂扣

  11. Classic Moment 4

  12. Like old friend coming 似是故人來

  13. Classic Moment 5

  14. Years flow like water 似水流年

  15. Sukiyaki

  16. The Wedding 花月佳期

  17. Classic Moment 6

  18. Sunset Song 夕陽之歌



Front Cover  

Back Cover


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"給朋友" 歌詞 by Jacky Cheung

To Friend

獨白: 2003年12月, 係朋友口中知道你已經離開.
心裡面痛左一痛, 面上搵唔到適合既表情去表達我自己.
做完野之後. 我自己隅悚薽峊, 覺得特別凍.
呀! 原來冬天已經黎左啦..

Monologue:  Dec. 2003, from friend I learnt you already left.  My heartaches, no suitable facial expression to express myself.  After I finished my work, I myself drove home, feeling so cold.  Ah, winter has already come.

飛出生死峽谷 輕卸身軀的包袱
如閒來沉睡了 一覺甦醒多舒服
唯求旁人別哭 加重不必的傷痛
讓我輕輕鬆鬆 活到這一分鐘

Flying out of the valley of life and death, get rid of the burden of the body, just like fall asleep, feel so comfortable when awake.  Only beg people don't cry, don't aggravate the grief.  Let me live the last minute happily, just like going to another place to have a beautiful dream

北風開始急促 緊記多加添衣服
如能全明白我 總會將哀傷征服
神遊無涯時空 千里可一刻飛縱
沒世間的擠迫 讓我偷些空隙

North wind is getting stronger, remember to put on more clothes.  If can understand me completely, eventually will be able to overcome sorrow.  Traveling in timeless space, in tremendous speed, no crowd of this early world, let me have more space, I can take a good rest today.

靈魂仍然在飛 想找青蔥的一片地
停下再看兩眼 便會安心高飛
如逢嚴寒天氣 亦有一番風光細味
瀟灑再見世界 在這方的知已
每一天都深深祝福你 即使遠離.......

Soul is still flying, wishing to find a piece of green land.  Stop to take another look, then will fly higher.  Even the whole life is like an extremely beautiful legend, just like bitter cold winter weather, still there is time to think about (???) .  Goodbye  to the world, good friends on this side will send you blessings everyday, even leave for distant places.....

獨白: 一路上, 我見唔到一個人或者一架車, 特別覺得孤獨.
打開收音機, 只係重複聽到報導你離開既消息,
我望出車外邊覺得天色好黑, 真係好黑!

Monologue:  On the way, I didn't see anyone or any car, especially feel lonely.  Turn on the radio, only repeatedly heard the news that you left.  I looked out of the window, only felt the sky was so dark, really so dark!

靈魂仍然在飛 想找青蔥的一片地
停下再看兩眼 便會安心高飛
如逢嚴寒天氣 亦有一番風光細味
瀟灑再見世界 在這方的知已
每一天都深深祝福你 即使遠離.......

獨白: 今日返屋企既路好似特別長咁,
終於我都返到屋企啦... 你呢?

Monologue:  Today  the road back to home seems especially long.   Finally I got about you?

北風開始急促 緊記多加添衣服
如能全明白我 總會將哀傷征服
神遊無涯時空 千里可一刻飛縱
沒世間的擠迫 讓我偷些空隙