Mui - Interview


Special thanks to Anthony for giving me the magazine

[同志與傳媒]  雜誌 (初版 3/2001)   -    智行基金會製作

[Homosexuals and Media]  magazine  (First edition March 2001)  by Chi Heng Foundation


Treating everyone with equality;  striving for agreement & bridging difference; room for tolerance

In recent years, Anita Mui seldom appears on TV,  she spends more time in community work;  community work includes believes in equal opportunities, helping others and loving others.  She said from deep down from her heart: [The whole world is talking about equality, every body is equal, but only in the society of Chinese the problem of discrimination still exists.]

Anita Mui doesn't deny that Hong Kong is a place with freedom of speech, freedom of life.  Comparing with days in 80s or earlier, Hong Kong has achieved great improvement, people can accept new things and different types of people.  But the regret is that there is still discrimination in general.  [After all Hong Kong is a society full of Chinese, who still retain   their traditional thinking.]

The society needs to advance continuously, accepting new things doesn't mean upgrading the wisdom only, having access to information doesn't mean controlling knowledge.  Anita Mui knows about this so well, she said that we can't just go after for superficial improvement;  when we are reading overseas media, we can't just focus on news about computer and information technology, we have to understand the basic spirit that is behind the success of other people, [We have to understand clearly what is freedom, and what is equality.]

Her principle for life is to accept all people and things equally.  She would not reprimand her friends who discriminate homosexuals, but she would try to convince them by saying: [Why not give all people equal opportunities?  All are humans, only with different sex preference, why not try to be fair to those people?]

Talking about her profession, acting, her principle is the same - treating everything with equality.  She is asked what she thinks about a role of homosexual?  She said she doesn't mind for such a role, but she emphasized: [Being a performer, we are more passive, as long as that role is not purposely to make homosexual ugly, I really don't mind.]

She thinks in the comedy the role of homosexuals often enlightens the script, it doesn't really make it ugly, of course it has a limit.  [If you purposely write the script so unpleasant, or create a bad image, I might object to it.]

In short, she will not object to act a role of homosexual, and the criteria whether to accept the role or not basically would be the same as if she would accept other types of roles.  [No matter it is an ordinary role, or a mania killer, when I perform such a role, I will understand first what is required to show by the film, why the character is like that, and why it becomes like that.]

Treating everyone with equality;  striving for agreement and bridging difference; room for tolerance;  maybe this is the best performance of Anita Mui for the term "equal opportunities".


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