11/06 - 11/11, 11/14 & 11/15 HK Coliseum

坐位表/Seating layout

記招照片Press conference photos


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新增信和相集/collection bought  

DVD: released on 6/21/04 已推出
VCD:  released on 05/ 21/04  已推出 w/guest 06/07/04
CD 唱片: released on Jan 8th, 2004 已推出

Photos照片:   2nd Encore第二次謝幕

網主演唱會相集/photos by Snoopy

Woodstock photo照片 of 11/15 11/06

Celebration Party photo慶功宴照片

信和相集/collection bought

傳媒每場報導詳情Media report on each show

內地媒體文章/reviews by media in China :



明周 1826期演唱會後台獨家直擊/Ming Weekly 1826 exclusive report on the back stage
演繹歌曲/ Rundown of 11/06/03

Monologue at Classic Moment 經典演唱會獨白

Lyric - translated  歌詞  精華片段 19 分鍾(只限會員)

歌迷分享演唱會感受/review by fans for the concert  (歡迎所有歌迷上論壇分享每場演唱會感受 fans are welcome to share your view about each show at Forum)

李碧華選文,其他雜誌/Lee Pik Wah & other HK articles  

[梅艷芳請保重身體] 明 報郭 繾 澂/[Anita Mui you please take care of your health]  精華片段 19 分鍾(只限會員)




09/23, 公開售票/ First Counter day

09/22,記招/Press Conference,  洲際酒店/Inter Continental HK


演唱會 11/06 -09 及尾場訂購 詳情/Concert 11/06-09 and extended last show booking Details

再次加開兩場 11/14 11/15, 今天(10/22)已公開售票 further addition of 2 shows 11/14 & 11/15, counter ticketing started today (10/22)

 US/Canada Concert Tour postponed to next year!