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Anita Mui Classic Moment Live Concert  梅豔芳經典金曲演唱會

Rundown of  November 6, 2003演唱


劉培基設計宮廷衫 (in the red Royal gown designed by Eddile Lau)

夢裡共醉   (Get drunk in dream)
心肝寶貝   (My precious one)
祝福(國語) 與張學友合唱 (Blessing) duet with Jacky Cheung
蔓珠莎華 張學友  (Man Chu Sa Wah) by Jacky Cheung
忘記他 張學友  (Forget him) by Jacky Cheung

黑白Dior  (Black/White Doir dress orange red top)

何日 ( What day)
心債  (Heart Debt)
心仍是冷 與李克勤合唱 (Heart still cold) with Hacken Lee
赤的疑惑 李克勤     (Wondering red) by Hacken Lee
我不懂唱歌 李克勤  (I don't know how to to sing) by Hacken Lee


棗紅色 bra top (Burgundy red Brazilian Samba)

第四十夜 (The fortieth night)
夏日戀人 (Summer Lover)
不信愛有罪 (Don't believe Love is a crime)
緣份 與譚詠麟  (Fate) with Alan Tam
情憑誰來定錯對 譚詠麟  (Who decides right or wrong for love)  by Alan and Hacken
左鄰右里 譚詠麟+李克勤合唱  (Neighbor on right and left)

白色衫, 白色/綠色Dior (White top, white/green skirt by Dior)

親密愛人 (Dear Lover)
愛情的代價(國語)(羅文)  (Roman's The price of love )
我願意(國語)(王菲) (Faye Wong's I am willing)
似夢迷離(林子祥)   (Ah Lam's Wondering like dream)
今生今世(張國榮)    (Leslie's This Life This World)
深愛著你(陳百強)   (  Danny Chan's Love you deeply)


張衛健, 陳奕迅, 何韻詩, 蘇永康, 梁漢文, 許志安演繹以下快歌/Following songs by Cheung Wai Kin, Eason Chan, Denise Ho, William So, Edmund Leung and Andy Hui


將冰山劈開 (Chop open the ice mountain)
妖女   (Witch Girl)
夢伴   (Dream Partner)
壞女孩 (Bad Girl)
冰山大火 (Fire at ice mountain)

紅色旗袍/Burgundy red Changshan

孤身走我路 (Traveling all alone)
胭脂扣   (Rouge)
似是故人來 (Comes like old freinds)
似水流年 (Years pass like water)

劉培基設計白色婚妙/Bridal gown designed by Eddie Lau

 花月佳期 (The Wedding)
夕陽之歌 (Sunset song)