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Professional Review of "Anita Classic Moment Live Karaoke (VCD) (Deluxe Version)"

Perfect: Anita Classic Moment Live 2CD ~ Anita Mui Yim Fong

"Anita Classic Moment Live" held last November was her final tour to the stage for Anita Mui, the Dvia of Change.

This stunning 2 CD concert set records every song sung and every word said by Anita in the eighth and also last concert of her glorious performing career. As the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra has been invited to perform in this concert, the main difference from the last concert "AnitaMui Fantasy Gig 2002" is that most of the songs in "Anita Classic Moment Live" are emotional venting.

Apart from singing her own classics through the years, Anita also chose to honour and sing many other singers'. Despite of the fact that she was indeed very much troubled by the nasty cancer, her concert performance lived up to her own high standard. Anita's live performance was both extremely emotional and tender.

At the beginning, Anita sang such wonderful classics of her own as "Yes It Is" (Disc1, Track#3), "Cherish Your Love" (Disc1, Track#5) and "In Dreams We Dated" (Disc1, Track#2). The concert continued with those know-by-one-and-all like "When" (Disc1, Track#7), "40th Night" (Disc1, Track#10), Jacky Cheung's classic "Li Xiang Lan" (Disc1, Track#7) and the fans' most favourite "Heart Debt" (Disc1, Track#9).

In Disc2, Anita sang many of the classic chorus that she has sung with local music legends. For example, "Price For Love" (Disc2, Track#4) with Roman Law, "I Do" (Disc2, Track#5) with Faye Wong, "As Confusing As Dreams" (Disc2, Track#6) with Lim Zi Xiang, "This Life-This World" (Disc2, Track#7) with Leslie Cheung and "Crazy For You" (Disc2, Track#8) with Chen Bai Qiang, etc. Among these, "Price For Love" and "This Life-This World" are the present reviewer's favourites as Anita has not only expressed perfectly the profound happiness of love, but also displayed the toughness needed in love.

As for the golden oldies "Si Shi Gu Ren Lai" (Disc2, Track#12) and "Si Shui Liu Nian" (Disc2, Track#14) during the encore, they simply belong to the all-time greatests. "Song Of The Setting Sun" (Disc2, Track#18) was the last song in the concert, as well as in Anita's short but fruitful life. The song certainly arouses much sympathy and sadness as Anita is separated from us now and forever.

Reviewer: Stephen Lee (Li ZhongYan - Hong Kong)
Translator: theDan (Chen EnNeng)


Professional review:

輯錄自梅艷芳 《梅艷芳經典金曲演唱會》CD碟評   CD/VCD review


完美演繹︰梅艷芳 《梅艷芳經典金曲演唱會》

Perfect performance:  Anita Mui  [Anita Mui Classic Moment Live Concert]


[Anita Mui Classic Live Concert ] of November 2003 was the last concert of "Ever-changing Queen", Anita Mui.


The live Album  just released by the record company was the recording of  the 8th show (i.e. the last show), including 29 songs, music and monologues.  It is different from the previous [Fantasy Gig Concert], as the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra was invited to play in the concert, therefore 80% - 90% of the songs performed were slow romantic songs.


During the concert, besides performing her own past classic songs, Ah Mui also performed many famous songs of other singers, some of them already passed away.  Even though she was suffering from terminal illness, Ah Mui's performing still up to a very high standard, no matter in terms of accuracy of key,  or voice, or performance were still very attractive.  Sometimes very soft, sometimes full of emotion.  The performance of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra was up to a standard too.  In conclusion, it could be regarded as a perfect concert.


To start the concert, Ah Mui performed a few of her own famous songs, such as "This is it", "Hold tight the one around",  "Drunk in dreams" and etc, then "Heart Debt", "Which Day", "the 40th night" and Jacky Cheung's "Lee Hong Kam" and etc. all marvelous pieces.  Of course, the most familiar song to music lovers would be "Heart Debt", not only the melody, the lyrics were very good too.


In the beginning of the Disc#2, Ah Mui selected several of her own classic songs and some of other singers songs, including Roman's "Price of love", Faye Wong's "Willing", George Lam's "Wondering like dream", Leslie Cheung's "This life, this world", Danny Chan's "Love you deeply", "Walk my road alone" , "rouge" and etc.  Among all the songs, I like Ah Mui's performance of "Price of love" and "This life this world" the most, besides being a bit tough,  also full of passion.


Before and after encore, "Like Old Friend Coming" and "Year passes like water" were master pieces too, her live performance was up to very high standard.  Then the final "Sunset Song", that was the last song of her live concert during this life.  The lyric was suitable to the situation, by listening to this song, music lovers  felt more attached to her with lingering emotion.

撰文︰李重言 Stephen Lee (香港)

By Stephen Lee (Hong Kong)


Fans' review


A priceless treasure for music lovers

A great concert with glamour, class and elegance. Beautiful songs, good music, pleasant and warm atmosphere. Full of emotion and love. 

Anita Mui performed every song with heart and feeling, as she always did. In the 1st disc, when she was performing the quick songs with dancing steps, as we know now, she was deadly sick, actually every movement might endanger her life. But she performed with no reserve, because she is a great professional, and a great entertainer, once on stage she forgot everything, her pain or etc. 

Accompanied by the beautiful music of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the band didn't play so loud this time, so Anita's singing could be clearly heard. In all her previous concerts, Anita never sang so many classic songs without dancing around. This time when you just concentrate in listening and watching her singing, you will really see how good her singing skill is. Despite being so sick, her singing was perfect. No one can replace her, never! 

The atmosphere was warm, not only because of the lighting, the music, and Anita's song and her touching words, it was also because the reaction from audience, who thoroughly enjoyed her singing. HK Coliseum was full of neon stick lights, like stars in the sky, ( not only by Mui fans), the audience waved the neon sticks to the beats of music when Anita was singing. You don't see such echo from the whole stadium in normal concert. Even Anita herself mentioned that it was beautiful and she was impressed. 

Anita looked pretty in all the costumes. The sunset scene with Anita in the wedding gown was so beautiful and elegant, though sad, would forever remain in my memory. 

This concert is the priceless gift Anita gave us before she left. I would treasure it forever!

Reviewer: Woodstock
Submitted on: Tuesday, May 25, 2004


big loss for HK and Asia
The queen of stage proves her professionalism once again. It is too bad the singers in HK will no longer have Anita to set the standard for what it takes to be a superstar. Anita, even in the end when she had cancer, could out perform any of the "stars" in the industry today.

Reviewer: Neda
Submitted on: Monday, June 07, 2004

Great Singing!
This concert is great! I had training in classical music and I think that Anita sings the best in this final concert of her career! For example, her voice was very clear and she was able to control her voice from soft to high and loud to soft which is especially important in singing with the orchestral music! Not a lot of people notice this! Anita is perhaps the most professional singer ever being able to sing with classical style music! Not many singer can do that. This concert was most spectacular with beautiful stage set-up and lighting... and full of surprises. She also sang two fast songs with Spanish dancers! Wow Anita will blow you away! Great customes as well. This concert is truly a treasure!

Reviewer: Jake
Submitted on: Saturday, June 05, 2004