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Appreciated "Mui" for 20 years  deeply know the suffering of "Mui"



First time, Hong Kong famous designer, Eddie Lau, talked with mainland media about his good friend, Anita Mui


南方都市报  2003-11-21


When Anita Mui was in Eddie Lau's design, she was really "Fong" Wah Tsui Tai.  She once said, when she in Eddie Lau's design, she would be as glamorous as any international super star if they are on the same stage.

终于等来这样一个机会——专门从泰国赶回来照顾阿梅的刘培基,亲口对我们诉说了一个令人无比爱怜的阿梅。中信大厦四楼的咖啡厅一角,提前来到的刘培基先生远远地便向我挥手。本来是来采访兼道歉的,迟到就更让我不好意思。在本报11月8日的娱乐版有关梅艳芳11月6日晚的经典金曲演唱会的报道中,误将这次演唱会的服装说成是全部由Christian Dior赞助,而阿梅那天晚上演出开场和最后一次出场所穿的服装其实都是已退隐江湖的刘培基先生设计的。事实上,无论我们以怎样的形式向刘先生说多少次抱歉,恐怕都难以弥补过失。但胸襟宽广的刘先生却热情愉快地接受了访问。整个过程,我提问很少,刘先生却说了很多,因为提起交往20多年的梅艳芳,刘培基有太多要倾诉。原本以为经霜历雪之后的梅花本应暗香浮动才对,但在刘培基的心里,风雪之后的阿梅更多的却是苦寒后的艳丽。

Finally got the chance to hear what Eddie Lau, who rushed back from Thailand to take care of Ah Mui,  feels about Ah Mui, an extremely pitiful girl.  At the corner  of a coffee house, at 4/F of Cosco Tower, Eddie Lau was already there waving to us.  We came to have an interview and also to apologize to him.  Now we were late that made us feel more guilty.  At our report on 11/08 about  Anita Mui Classic Moment Live of 11/06, we said all her costumes were sponsored by Christian Dior, but actually the first and last costumes were designed by Eddie Lau, who had already retired a few years back.  No matter, how we tried to apologize to Eddie Lau, could not make up the mistake we made..  But Eddie Lau happily accepted our interview.  We asked a little, Mr Lau talked more during the interview.  As knowing Anita Mui more than 20 years, Eddie Lau had a lot to talk about.  Originally we thought after so many years of hardship of frost and snow, "Mui" flower would not be as bright.  But Eddie Lau feels down from bottom of his heart, after all the storms of wind and snow, Ah Mui becomes more pretty and glamorous.


其實她的身体真是虛弱……為了演出,有時凌晨3點多鍾就起床了,只喝一點奶。我自己都怀疑,她怎么一到台上就那么精神。(為什麼凌晨3點多鍾就起床, )

Actually physically she is very weak.......for the concert, sometimes she got up at 3 O'clock in the morning, only drank a little milk.  Even I doubted , how she could be so energetic on the stage.  (Why 3:00a.m.?  Couldn't fall asleep?)

谈病情 工作也是治疗/ talking about her sickness    working is treatment


Reporter:  Anita Mui's health is not so good recently, but such a tight working schedule.  After the 8 shows, would her recovery of health be affected?


Lau:  Actually she needs work.  This time I came back from Thailand on purpose to take care of her.  When I stayed at her home.  I just could not believe she was so worn out.  When I held her in my arm, asked her how she felt, she said no good.  As whether if she should come out to work, we as her friends have discussed about it.  I feel that work is good for her.  When she works, she would not fall down.


Reporter:  Working is a kind of treatment?


Lau:  Can be put in this way.  Working can divert her attention.  If she just stays at home, she would think too much.  That is not good for her.  Even she says if she is lying at home all the time, she wonders if she would ever be able to stand up again.  She is born to be in this profession.  Once she is on the stage, she feels good.  Actually she is very weak.  After she gets sick, she eats even less.  After the concert, I accompanied her to super, she only ate a little bit.  For the performance, sometimes she got up at 3 O'clock in the morning, just had a little of milk.  Even I doubted , where her energy comes from.  Before, the concert started, she sat there, she looked so weak, I really didn't know what to say.  The changing room at back stage is very small, but there was 6 heaters.  However, she still felt cold, as she doesn't have enough blood.  Every time when she finished singing and came back from the stage, she would lean against  her assistant for rest for 1 or 2 minutes.  We felt so bad seeing this.  Fans also worried that she could not go on, so it was full house for the 1st show. All afraid that she might not be able to have the 2nd show, all rushed to come for the 1st show.  (My heart bleeds by reading what Eddie just said about her condition at back stage.)  


Reporter:  How is her condition now?


Lau:  her recovery is quite satisfactory.  At first we worried that the cancer cells would spread to her liver.  But now after chemo treatment, it is under control.  Now she should feel much better, and would keep on working.  Actually she is so afraid of chemo treatment, it is great suffering for her, suffering beyond our imagination.  I once asked her how painful is the suffering, she said if a cup of poison placed in from of her, she would rather drink it (instead of chemo treatment).  But the second chemo treatment was for particular area, pain was not that severe.  One weak after her 2nd chemo treatment she was interviewed by Do Do, she could not talk clearly.  I believe all seeing her like this, their eyes were welled with tears, could feel the pain she had gone through.

談舞台服裝 我得為她做嫁衣/Talking about costumes    I had to made her wedding gown  


Reporter:  You designed 2 sets of most glamorous costumes for her, there must be some stories?


Lau:  Anita Mui herself said when she is in any design of mine, she would be as glamorous as any international super star if they are on the same stage. I already retired 1999.  But every time she has her concert, she would ask me to design for her the costumes for the ending part.  I told her I already announced to the whole world I retired, you still want me to design for you?  She always told me she feel unsecured if I don't design the costumes for her ending, so every time I would do that for her.  We have had cooperation for too long, we know each other too well.  After I retired, she has worked with many other designers, she always feels they changed part of her body, either made her too feminine or something else.  After this concert was confirmed, she said she would like to have the wedding gown for the ending of the concert.  I agreed to this.  Then when we met again, it seemed she had something on her mind.  I asked her what that was, she said she still didn't have the costumes for the opening.  She wanted me to design a costume that could catch the full attention of the audience.  I agreed to that too.  When she came out in these 2 costumes, she was really very beautiful.  When she go on to the stage in the wedding gown, she told the fans that I designed for her.  She said she really got married this time, she married to the fans, to the music, and to the stage.  How could I reject her request like this?


Reporter:  She took out and put on the jewelries that were intended for her wedding?


Lau:  Right,  the jewelries when she was in the wedding gown.  She bought them more than 10 years ago with me.  The jewelry box is very pretty, unfortunately the lining already changed color.


Reporter:  Why bought that jewelry at that time?  Was she getting married at that time?


Lau: No, she was only a bit over 20 that time.  She thought she would get married sooner or later, but not right away.


Reporter:  How about now?  Does she still have the urge to get married?


Lau:  Not any more, definitely no more.  But that night, before she came on to the stage to perform [Rouge], she was in cheongsam reclining in the couch with her eyes closed, I said to those beside me, any man in this world who sees such an Anita Mui will fall in love with her.  Her look just makes people pity her and love her.

談百變形象 是我塑造了“百變梅豔芳”/Talking about ever changing images  I created the "ever changing Anita Mui"


Reporter:  You started to work with her since the cover of the album "Bad Girl"?


Lau:  When she just started her singing career.  In 1982, we started to work together.  That year she just won the 1st New Singers Contest.  Someone came to me and told me she was pretty good, see whether I could do some packaging for her.  So I told them to bring her over for a look.  Right away, I felt she could have many images, a good piece for this profession.  Then she had to go Japan for a competition, and I had to design some clothes for her with specialty, a white cotton jacket, a pair of black leather pants.  Such design actually would help her to get points, because the cotton jacket had national characteristic, while black pants very trendy.  Then for the release of her 3rd album "Flying over Stage", I was thinking what  image I should create for her.  Then one day,  I brought her to the hair salon.  I let her sit down.  The more I looked at her long hair, the more I felt tired of it.  I picked up a pair of scissors, and cut of her long hair just like that.  She almost cried.  I told her no problem, and asked the hair designer to set short hair for her.  Then I let put on a pair of glasses and dressed in male's jacket.  Looked at her again, just so beautiful!


Reporter:  So from the very beginning, you already intended to create her as an "ever changing Anita Mui"?


Lau:  Exactly.  Actually the title "Ever Changing Anita Mui" was given by me too.  In 1987, before she had the concert, we were contemplating what title we should give to the concert.  Suddenly we thought why not just title it as "Ever Changing Anita Mui Concert.".

談新片 張藝謀的鼓勵最珍貴/Talking about new film   Encouragement from Zhang Yee Mou most valuable


Reporter:  Images of Anita Mui in films changed too, is it because of her changing images on stage that created by you?  


Lau:  Possible.  Talking about films, actually I don't think her performance in [Rouge] that outstanding.  She won the Best Actress at the Golden Horse Award for this movie, they said her performance was good, but I think there was no performance at all.  So at the award presentation ceremony in Taiwan, at backstage, I even threw her award to and fro playing around, commenting that she got it too easy.  Talking about film, I'm very impressed by Zhang Yee Mou.


Reporter:  Why impressed by Zhang Yee Mou?


Lau:  I won't talk about his films.  I am impressed by him as a person.  After Anita Mui got sick, in the newspapers, it was reported that the role of Anita Mui in [Ambush from all sides] had been replaced by someone else.  One night, around 3:00a.m. I heard the fax machine ringing downstairs at her home, I didn't go to look at the fax right away.  Next day, I got up early, and went downstairs to look at that fax.  It read:  [Miss Anita Mui, I think you are the most outstanding actress of Hong Kong filming industry.  No matter what, we will wait for you for "Ambush from all sides"   by Zhang Yee Mou]  After I read this fax (shaking head).......


Reporter:  Touched?  


Lau:  Difficult to say.  I'm very impressed by Director Zhang Yee Mou, his encouragement is more valuable than anything else.  Anita Mui needs this kind of support.  So in December I will accompany Anita Mui to the production of [Ambush from all sides.]  I seldom go to see production of a movie.  Including this time, total 3 times.  First time  when I accompanied Anita Mui to [Rouge], second time I accompanied Leslie Cheung to [Good bye to my concubines].  This time I want to accompany Anita Mui, because I want to know Zhang Yee Mou.

談從前 梅姐是這樣長成的/Talking about old days  Mui Jei grew up like that


Reporter:  Being at the entertainment circle for so long, Anita Mui has achieved a prominent status in this circle.  You witnessed her growing up, what do you think that attributes to her status of today?


Lau:  Anita Mui has her status of today mainly because of her character.  If a group of people having dinner together, if males ask girls to drink, she definitely would push all the girls behind her, and says: let me drink.  Also she would not use glass, but just from the bottle.  Actually she is never too good in health, she can't drink, but she does that just for her friends.


Reporter:  character of a boy?  


Lau: Yep, actually she is just like a boy.  Even more in the past.  Also because of this she suffers a lot.  At that time, who ever wanted to borrow from her, no matter within the circle or from outside the circle, all could borrow from her.  Also she would never listen to anybody, she only learnt a lesson after she suffered.  Just like she was having her concert in Guangzhou, she insisted that she would sing [Bad Girl].  I was sitting among the audience, many people came over to me and asked me to stop her.  But I knew no use.  I said if she wanted to sing, no one could stop her.  If she sang then she should bear the consequence.  She did sing that song, consequently she was banned from having concerts in mainland China.  


Reporter:  For such things, even good friends could not help?  


Lau: I just know her too well.  so I'm different from her other friends.  If there is a hole in front of her, I would push her, after she dropped in I would pull her out.  Then she would know that it is a hole, she should not jump into it. 

談现在 梅豔芳沒以前可愛/Taking about present  Anita Mui is not as lovely as before


Reporter:  Comparing Anita Mui of today with previous days, is there any difference ?


Lau:  Actually I like previous Anita Mui better.  She is not as lovely as before now.


Reporter:  Why?


Lau:  Now she is too smart.  Often, when I only finish half of the sentence, she already knows what I haven't finished.  Also she is no on guard of many things.  Before she is quite silly, very lovely.


Reporter:  This is because she has grown up, now is more mature.


Lau:  I feel sorry to see her like this.  You know a person like her, how many times she has to be cheated,  how many lessons she has experienced, and how many blows she suffered, before she can be turned to be like today.  I really feel very bad, a person used to be so lovely, so easily cheated, now becomes like this.  Pitiful!  that is why I like her of old days.

(雖然阿梅現在變得很精明, 但是她心底太好.  同時年輕的一輩可能比她更精明, 到頭來不是又給人利用, 上人家當? Though Mui is very smart now, she is too kind hearted, also the younger generation maybe even smarter than her.  So, in the end she is still being used and being cheated.)

(適量的工作是治療, 過量的工作是毒藥.  一個人一間大屋, 很容易糊思亂想. 很高興聽到 Eddie Lau 住在她家, 又陪她去北京拍戲.  一直覺得Eddie 是一位十分愛惜阿梅的長輩及知己. 希望拍完電影後, Eddie也常來香港陪阿梅. Right amount of work is treatment, too mush work becomes poisonous.  One person in a big house, can't help thinking many stupid things.  I'm glad that Eddie Lau stays in her house, and will accompany her to Beijing.  I always feel that Eddie, her  senior and her buddy,  is someone who really cares and loves Ah Mui.  I hope even after the movie, he would come to Hong Kong often to keep Ah Mui company.  I can fully entrust Ah Mui to his care.     by Woodstock)