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Thanks to Angel,  Grandma & Audrey for providing the Lyrics in English & Chinese and all the pinyin !


My Heart is still Cold心仍是冷; The moon represents my heart  ; Hearted People   ;  Years flow like water  ; I'm Willing   (Faye Wong); Treasure the Time when We'll Meet Again 珍惜再會時  Blessings (Jacky Cheung   ) :  Beach (David Tao)  ;  Glowing Star ;  This Lifetime (This Life, this World - Leslie Cheung)  ; Fate (Leslie/Mui)  ;  



My Heart is still Cold

I've seen thoroughly the prejudice, my heart has been used to not to speak out any complaints
Cold laughter is to disguise the bright dreams in my heart
Love is like the continuous cold rain
That makes me get accustomed to gathering and separating, walking my way alone

I've loved and been hurt before, because of those lost memories so the
lonely love comes close to me
The cold arrow shoots me, though I am falling from my seat on my own
There are still not many couples who grow old together
Every time the love plays trick with me
I often go through all these in a messed situation

I am still mad about you, but my heart is hurt
I can't do anything while love always moves to others' hands at the end
The cold night is very long, but the dream is longer
People gradually become used to going up and down on love's road

The star dusts in the sky is like a crying eyes
They are like crying for the youth that goes away and never turns back
It makes a lonely person sigh silently
The endless cruelness has been left between the roads

I am still mad about you, but my heart is hurt
I can't do anything while love always moves to others' hands at the end
The cold night is very long, but the dream is longer
Tomorrow I'll keep going up and down on the love's road

作曲 / 編曲 : 倫永亮 填詞 : 小美 合唱 : 倫永亮
sam jing si laang
hon tau liu laang ngaan
sam zou gwaan mut jau syut gam taan
laang siu ci sei saan
jim sik ngo mung leoi dik caan laan
cing jyun zau zoeng laang jyu dyun zuk wong wan
ling ngo baau ging zeoi saan soeng duk hang
oi gwo jaa tung gwo
jan sat ji duk oi kaau gan ngo
laang zin pok hoeng ngo
zik si ngo duk go dik dit zo
cing jan bun zoek dou lou ci zung bat do
cing oi mui zuk lung ngo
soeng zoi dit dit pung pung cyu ging loi dou gwo
deoi nei jing zeok gan daan tung sam
mou noi oi zoi zeoi hau zeoi zung zyun gaau bit jan
laanh laanh coeng je sam mung gang sam
jan zim gwaan zoi oi lou gai zuk fau cam
( )
(ming jat ngo jau gai zuk oi lou fau cam)
tin hung zung sing can jyu tau jap dik ngaan
jyu bei huk cing ceon siu sai mei zoi faan
gam gu daan jat jan mou sing dik gam taan
mou zeon laang mok laang bing ji wai lau lou gaan


The moon represents my heart  (duet by Anita Mui and Andy Lau during the 8th show)


You ask me how deep is my love?
How much do I love you?
My feeling is true
My love is also so true
The moon represents my heart

You ask me how deep is my love?
How much do I love you?
My feeling won't fade away
My love also won't change
The moon represents my heart

A gentle kiss
Has once touched your heart
A deep feeling
Has become memories nowadays

I ask you how deep is your love?
How much do you love me?
Just go to think and look about it
The moon represents my heart
Yue liang dai biu wo de xin

Ni wen wo ai ni yau duo shen
Wo ai ni yau ji fen
Wo de qing ye jen Wo de ai ye jen
Yue liang dai biao wo de xin
Ni wen wo ai ni yau duo shen
Wo ai ni yau ji fen
Wo de qing bu yi Wo de ai bu bien
Yue liang dai biao wo de xin

* Qing qing de yi ge wen
Yi jing da dong wo de xin
Shen shen de yi duan qing
Jiao wo si nian dao ru jin

Ni wen wo ai ni yau duo shen
Wo ai ni yau ji fen
Ni chu siang yi siang Ni chu kan yi kan
Yue liang dai biao wo de xin

Hearted People

Loneliness also spreads fragrance
That's when the love begins
I once tried to forget this illusion
It's far beyond my imagination
I wish I wouldn't have grown up
So I'd be able to completely depend on my instinct to search for lover
I vaguely fall in love with you
Just take it as the tides rise under the rainstorm

It would be good if it was true
It would be alright I was mistaken
I don't want to prove whether I fall to deep or not
No matter if it's powerless or hearted, like a mystery or a movie
Who will act better than me?
I can feel it from my eyebrows
But I can't see it from the corner of my eyes
It seems like it's been the most clear of expression
No matter if it's powerless, but it's hearted; it comes in the darkness or
it goes in brightness
Who says this is counted as feeling?

Yau Sum Yan

Jik mok ya fai faat jeuk yue heung
Yuen loi ching dung jing si je yeung
Chung mong diu je jong ha seung
Je moh chiu fu ngoh seung jeung
Daan yuen ngoh hoh yi moot sing jeung
Yuen chuen pang jik gok mik dui jeung
Mo woo dei mai luen nei yat cheung
Jau dong fung yue ha chiu jeung
* Yue gwoh jun dik tai ho yue choh hon liu doe ho
But seung jing sut yau moot yau gwoh king moe
Si mo lik waak yau sum jeung mai jeung hei
Sui yau wui chi ngoh yin dak gung ho
Chung mei saau jung gum gok doe
Chung ngaan gok hon but doe
Fong fut yi si jui jik jip dick loh loe
Si mo lick daan yau sum ngum loi ming wong
Sui suet je suen si ching so

Years flow like water

Looking at the sea with tiredness
I don't cry and I don't even speak out a word
I look at the sky, I only feel messed up
My heart is like a small wooden boat which is unable to look further
But it's still moving on
Who punishes me in this life?
I struggle everyday in the sea of people
I feel sorry in my heart
Years flow like water, I can't keep yesterday
So I only can keep the memories
The memories are in my mind forever, one by one
In this world, I miss and miss the past years
My appearance has already changed
My condition has also changed but not has my feelings

Chi sui lau leen

Mong jeuk hoi yat pin moon waai guen
Mo lui ya mo yin
Mong jeuk tin yat pin Ji gum doe ching waai luen
Ngoh dik sum yau chi siu mook suen
Yuen ging but gin Daan ying heung jeuk chin
Sui joi ming lui jue joi ngoh Mui tin jung jaak
Yan hoi lui min
Sum jung gum taan chi sui lau leen
But hoh yi lau jue jok tin
Lau ha ji yau si nim Yat chuen chuen wing yuen chin
Ho hon yin boh lui ngoh waai nim
Waai nim wong nin
Ngoi maau jo goi been
Chue Ging doe been
Ching waai mei been

I'm Willing  (Faye Wong)

The feeling of missing someone
is mysterious,
it trails behind like a shadow.
It ripples in the bottom of my heart
without a trace or sound.
In just a second,
it can surround you all with solitude.

I cannot resist,
especially at nights
when I think of you until I cannot breathe.
I want to run to you instantly
to tell you loudly:

I'm willing to, I'm willing to,
I'm willing to forget who I am for you.
Even it's one more second that
I can rest in your chest,
I would not regret if I lose the whole world.

I'm willing to, I'm willing to,
I'm willing to be exiled to the edge of the world for you.
As long as you return your love to me
I'm willing to do anything,
I'm willing to do anything ...for you


詞:姚謙 曲:黃國倫 編曲:NATHANWANG

思念是一種很玄的東西   如影~隨行 無聲又無息出沒在心底 轉眼~吞沒我在寂寞裡
我無力抗拒 特別是夜裡 哦~ 想你到無法呼吸 恨不能立即 朝你狂奔去 大聲的告訴你~
我願意為你 我願意為你 我願意為你 忘記我姓名
就算多一秒 停留在你懷裡 失去世界也不可惜
我願意為你 我願意為你 我願意為你 被放逐天際
只要你真心 拿愛與我回應 什麼都願意 (我)什麼都願意 什麼都願意 什麼都願意 為你

wo yuan yi

si nian shi yi zhong hen xuan de dong xi
                   ru ying sui xing
          wu sheng you wu xi chu mo zai  xin di
          zhuan yan tun mo wo zai ji mo li
        wo wu li kang ju te bie shi ye li
          ou xiang ni dao wu fa hu xi
          hen bu neng li ji chao ni kuang ben qu
            da sheng de gao su ni
    wo yuan yi wei ni wo yuan yi wei ni
    wo yuan yi wei ni wang ji wo xing ming
        jiu suan duo yi miao ting liu zai ni huai li
             shi qu shi jie ye bu ke xi
         wo yuan yi wei ni wo yuan yi wei ni
      wo yuan yi wei ni bei fang zhu tian ji
      zhi yao ni zhen xin na ai yu wo hui ying
(wo) shen mo dou yuan yi shen mo dou yuan yi wei ni


Treasure The Time When We'll Meet Again

珍惜再會時  Treasure the time we meet again

作曲 : Lovette      填詞 : 鄭國江          編曲 : 蘇德華

Monologue:  this is the saddest moment in my life.

Because i have to say "goodbye"
Happy hours always pass quickly
We once met everyday
But soon we have to part from each other
I don't want to say anything
I only want to kiss you once more
Life is short
We don't know when we will meet again in the future
At this very moment I only want
Embrace you a bit longer and then
Kiss you and say goodbye


Say parting words to you once more
Endless soft talks and the tears are still warm
Can't forget happy feelings easily
Can't stand to say to leave
Endless love because of you
I'm willing to give my heart to you
Can't face the parting, tears falling
Kiss you once and I turn around
Many years will pass as the wind blows
(I will think about you)
Who knows when we will meet again
(I will think about you)
Wish tonight will remain
Remain in the deep part of our heart
Talking about happy times, we feel sadder
Our hearts ache
I should treasure the time we meet again
Kiss once more and turn around
Ha.....Let's just kiss and say goodbye, ha..............

作曲 : Lovette 填詞 : 鄭國江 編曲 : 蘇德華
zan sik zoi wui si
ne go hai ngo sang ming zung
zeoi naan gwo gai si hak
jan wai ngo dei jiu gong zoi gin laa
faai lok gai si hau
zung hai gwo dak hou faai
ngo dei cang ging mui jat dou gin min
daan zyun ngaan gaan ngo dei jiu fan hoi
ngo me dou ng seong gong
zi hai seong nei zoi joeng do ngo jay ci
sang ming hai dyun zaam
zoeng loi ngo dei dou ng zi wui gei si gin min
hai ne jat caat naa ngo zi hai seong
tung nei zoi jung pou do jat zan jin hau
Kiss me and say goodbye
zoi dou gan nei waa lei bit
mou zeon sai jyu leoi wan jit
faai lok gam gok mut faat daam mong
lei bit jiu syut bat jan syut
mou kung oi ji jan nei hei
ngo jyun zoeng sam gaau kap nei
bat jyun deoi zoek am leoi seoi
can jat can ngo zyun san heoi
mou zeon seoi jyut fung lei ceoi
( )
(ngo wui soeng hei nei)
naa zi jat tin ho zoi zeoi
( )
(ngo wui soeng hei nei)
jyun ze gam je wing ting lau
lau zoi ngo leong sam sam cyu
cung taam siu jyu sam gang bei
tung zoi tung zoi sam ham leoi
ngo dong zan sik zoi wui si
zoi can jat can zyun san heoi
Ha...Let's just kiss and say goodbye Ha...


Blessings (Jacky Cheung)

(Friend, I'll give you my blessings forever)

Don't ask, don't speak, leave everything unspoken
This moment cuddles the candlelight, letting us quietly pass through
Don't wave your hands, don't turn back, when I sing this song
My only fear is that tears will softly begin to flow

I hope your heart will keep my smile forever
Accompanying you through every season

How many worries, how many concerns, life is inevitably bitter and painful
Only after loss, do we really understand how to cherish and to hold
Love is hard to let go, people are hard to keep, nowadays once we bid
farewell we go our separate ways
Cold and warmth, little by little, drop by drop, are taken to heart

I hope your heart will keep my smile forever
Accompanying you through every season

Pain has parted, yet pain is still before my eyes
I've said goodbye, yet goodbye is not so far away
Perhaps we have fate, with fate then I can look forward to tomorrow
You and I will meet again in a glorious season

I hope that my smile is kept in your heart
Keeping you company through every season



Zhu   Fu



bu   yao     wen    bu     yao      shuo     yi            qie          jin       zai            bu            yan      zhong



zhe      yi           ke       wei    zhe     zhu    guang      rang     wo     men       jing        jing     de      du     guo


mo       hui     shou    mo        hui        tou    dang         wo   chang      qi     zhe   shou      ge


pa        zhi    pa      lei       shui      qing      qing       de   hua     luo


yuan    xin      zhong     yong      yuan     liu        zhe      wo       de    xiao      rong


ban      ni      zou     guo   mei     yi       ge         chun   xia    qiu     dong



ji     xu     chou      ji         xu      you       ren    sheng        nan      mian       ku       yu            tong


shi   qu      guo    cai     neng    zhen   zheng     dong     de    qu       zhen      xi      he      yong      you


qing     nan      she      ren    nan         liu       jin            zhao         yi        bie            ge         xi        dong



leng     he      re          dian       dian            di            di            zai            xin            tou


yuan    xin    zhong      yong       yuan            liu      zhe        wo       de       xiao        rong


ban      ni            zou        guo       mei       yi            ge            chun          xia        qiu            dong



shang    li            bie            li            bie            sui            ran       zai            yan            qian


shuo    zai        jian            zai            jian         bu            hui            tai            yao        yuan


ruo       you        yuan        you            yuan       jiu            neng      qi            dai          ming      tian


ni         he            wo        chong       feng        zai            can         lan        de         ji       jie



bu        yao       wen        bu         yao         shuo        yi            qie         jin            zai            bu            yan       zhong


zhe      yi        ke        wei       zhe       zhu     guang     rang     wo     men    jing      jing     de   du      guo


mo       hui       shou   mo         hui       tou     dang     wo     chang       qi       zhe         shou       ge


yuan    xin      zhong        liu            zhe         xiao        rong


you      ni            du            guo          mei            ge           chun         xia        qiu     dong


Beach (David Tao)               

white pristine beach there's no one there
the wind whispers by and goes no where
I take a step and I look down at my lonely footprint
walking all alone isn't the greatest feeling

the sea is so green the sky's so blue
when our love ended I began to miss you
the days and nights that we spend together
were so sweet so deep
but when I look back I know you'd stopped loving me

I hear the sea sing a sad melody
I hear the clouds sigh as they float by
what can I do to erase you from my mind

Only blue Only blue
I loved you like a fool
My heart my heart was so true


I would sit on the next boat out today
Just to leave behind all the hurt and pain
Each time I look at the beach I begin to miss
Miss you till I feel blue
No one else loves you like I do
I love you Yes I do
So I am blue ohhh
Only blue

Sha Tan

kong wu yi ren zhe pian sha tan feng chui guo lai leng leng hai an
wo qing qing dou luo xie li de sha kan zhao wo de jiao yin
OH yi ge ren yi bu bu hao ji mo

kan hai you xie luu tian you xie lan
na duan ai qing you xie yi han xiang bu zhi bu jue
you xiang hai tian dao zui shen de di fang cai fa xian ni zao yi jing fang
qi wo

wo ting dao hai lang wen rou de hu xi wo ting dao yun duo piao lai piao qu
you shi yao fang fa rang zi ji zhen de wang ji

ONLY BLUE ONLY BLUE ai rang ren hao you yu wo de xin
wo de xin lan lan di wo zhen de xiang zhao yi tiao chuan neng yuan yuan kai
zhe pian sha tan
mei ci you hui dao tong yang hai bian hai shi hui dui ni xiang nian
xiang nian ni you dian BLUE mei you ren neng xiang ni liu gei wo de hui yi

Only blue.



Glowing Star

When You Gaze Upon The Stars
Do You Remember Me?
Do You Remember the Face of The Past
Who Once Smile Like The Glowing Star?

When You Remember The Past
What Do You Do?
Do You Sigh The Voice of Sorrow
In Remembrance of Me
Who Once Live In Your Heart!

I Am Like The Silver Stream Reflecting The Star
Loving You In Silence
Soothing Your Pain
Amidst the Glowing Stars

If You See The Brilliance of the Star
Please Remember Me
If You See The Illumination of The Silver Stream
Promise Me To Keep Me Alive In Your Heart
Ming Sing


dong nei gin doe tin seung sing sing
hoh yau seung hei ngoh
hoh yau gei duck dong nin ngoh dick nim
chung wai nei gung bei sing sing siu duck doh
dong nei gei hei dong nin wong si
nei yau wui yue hoh
hoh wui hing hing chai yin taan wai
waai nim ngoh joi nei sum jung jiu yiu gwoh
ngoh jeung na ngan hoh sing sing
wai nei muck muck oi gwoh
gung yeung na yau yau gwong fai
wai nei gaai tung choh
dong nei gin doe gwong ming sing sing
ching nei seung seung hei ngoh
dong nei gin doe sing hoh chaan laan
kau nei joi sum jung gei jue ngoh


This lifetime

In a life full of changes, I'm waiting for a love silently
Having passed so many turns, so much disappointed feelings
I don't wanna say good bye, I'm still hoping for a love legend
I won't give it up, I'm not afraid to keep running after it a strong windy night

It's your hands that silently lightens up this love
It's your voice that accompanies my dreams every night
I give out my true heart and my real beauty
I think of you endlessly every day

In this lifetime, I'm willing to abandon all earthly things to fly away with you
We'll laugh and sing in the wind
Feeling grateful for the faith that I can meet you
All bitterness will become sweetness

No matter if the sky and sea will become old, I only hope this love won't grow old
I wanna make a promise in this lifetime to hold each other in the next lifetime

Gum Sung Gum Sai

Waan Been Dik Yut Sung
Muk Muk Kei Doi Yut Fun Ngoi
Daap Gwoh Doh Siu Waan
Duen Duen Ching Lo Ya Sut Mong
Ngoh But Bum Sum Suet Beet Lei
Ying Gau Hawt Mong NGoi Dik Juen Kei
But She But Hei
Mo Gui Cheung Yeh Hui Hung Fung Jung Gai Jook Jui

Fing Lui Siu Jeuk Fing Lui Cheung
Gum Gik Teen Yee Pung Juek Nay
Jung See Fu Geep Doe Been Duk May
Teem Ya Lo Yng Hoi Ya Lo
Wai Mong Chee Ngio May Lo
Yuen Yee Gum Sung Yeuk Ding Ta Sung Join Ying Po

See Nay Dik Ceung Sau
Jing Jing Yeen Leung Jeh Fun Ngoi
See Nay Dik Sing Yum
Ye Ye Pui Boon Ngoh Dik Mung
Gaay Chut Jun Sum Jun Dik May
Mo Jun Sum Jun Dik Nay
Gum Sung Gum Sai
Ling Yuen Ming Lay Paao Hoi
Siu Sa Gun Nay Fay



Without a glimpse of possibly seeing you again
Not even half whispers of complaint
there are too many moments of silence
The past is finally the past
Leaving everything from that time gone by
only to reminiscent


Each piece of perfect snippets
The sea of my brain will not let go of the ideal
Is it not true that we can prove he and I once had fate?


Within this suffering we turned over each choice
Unfortunately the outcome is in front of our eyes
The truth is our fate does not cross path
I no longer have any ideas of what to do
In the future how will we meet?
Yuen Fun

Leslie Cheung & Anita Mui

(Leslie) Moot yau yat sing joi gin
Moot yau boon sing chai yuen
Daam daam hui daan mo yin
Gwoh hui jung yue gwoh hui
Lau ha liu dong choh yat chai joi waai nim

(Anita) Mui duen mei ho dik pin duen
Loe hoi yat joi sim yin
Si fau nang jing sut yue ta yau yuen

(Leslie) Joi kwan foo jung baak juen
Daan git gwoh joi ngaan chin
Si sat jing sut mo yuen
Ngoh yi bat gum joi suet
Loi yat hoh seung gin

(Together) Nei ngoh seung gaak doh moh yuen
Na nin na tin hoh seung gin
Na chue ging hoh wui goi bin


You and I are separated by quite a distance
How can we modify the sky (fate) to let us see each other again?
What can possibly change this situation?


You and I are separated by quite a distance


How can we modify the sky (fate) let us see each other again?


How can we make a change in this situation?


You and I are separated by quite a distance


How can we make the sky (fate) let us see each other again?


How can we make a change in this situation?