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Concert on Nov 15th   by Woodstock

I just got home around 12:15a.m.from the last show of Anita Classic Moment Live. One good news to tell you all is that Mui looks in much better physical condition than she was in the first show , i.e. on Nov 6th, that was the show I went. After the Spanish steps she didn't have to catch her breath or have a sip of water. Also she has walked to both sides, even up the, fans were hilarious tonight, all lined up at the staircase waiting for her, and she received lots of flowers, toys and all kinds of gifts, even lucky money

Among the guests watching this show were Ann Hui, the famous director, Cheung Mun Yee, she used to be the director of HK Media and Broadcasting department. Both of them sat just next to me. We were sitting in the first row, next to the stage. So I got chance to present her a bouquet of flowers and my friend presented her a calendar and a book, both with pictures of Beckham. By the way, that Ms Cheung wanted to borrow a flower from me, but it's a pity my bouquet could not be separated... However Mui recognized her and Ann Hui, and shook hands with both of them. I managed to tell Ann I like her July Rhapsody very much . Father of XYZ was among the audience too

The guest singers for tonight were Eason Chan, Jordan Chan and guess who else? I told you already, that was Mui's Prince of Charm, Eddie Lau......hahahaha.......he dressed in white. His hair was dyed to gold color, and he told Mui that he tried to have the hair style as Beckham, but too short.....but Mui told him to be himself.....Piccolo, guess what? Your favorite, Big Brother, Jacky Chan did show up with a very large bouquet of flowers... ...but he only came to present Mui the flowers and left, as he said Mui didn't like him to sing

By the way, XYZ were performing with grasshoppers, Denise Ho, Samuel, Eason, Edmund Leung, William So and etc. Mui's quick song.

The main change of this last show was the ending part. Instead of Mui walking all by herself up the stairs, she was accompanied by the group of her guest singers walking down the stairs to welcome her. From the photographer's point of view, the scene with so many people around, is not as beautiful as when Mui was walking all by herself up the stairs, because she herself in the wedding gown with head piece trailing behind her forms an extremely beautiful picture. But tonight with friends around her, the atmosphere was not sad as before.

We had one more encore. She came out again with those friends, and performed "Treasure the time we meet again" that ended the concert of tonight. When she performed this song she was so touched. her eyes welled up with tears, and left the stage in tears.

I totally enjoyed Mui's singing. I bet I will miss her a lot. But regardless, I wish she will take a good rest after the movie before she starts any new project. We all want her to be in good health and be happy! She definitely will be in our prayer everyday.



concert on 9th   by tomato

Yes, as I promised, now I'll share my feelings and my opinion about the show.

Compare to Fantasy Gig (watch from vcd), the whole stage design is a lot more simple, but suits the title. Classical design, I love it !!

Ermmm.... no doubt the first heavy gown is very outstanding, and suits mui, as she used to wear these kind of costume on stage. However, her first song "mong lui kung zhui", didn't match with that gown. I have a feeling that the song should be sung together with "rouge". Maybe both songs have similar melody. So I think it'll be better if sing with "rouge" in a typical cheong sum.

It's the best idea to invite Jacky again !! Thought I would never see him appear on the concert stage for the second time !! After "summer lover" ( Ohh...I love this song so much !! ), she jammed a duet with him. Thought they'll sing their latest duet "seong ngoi han nan", as mui didn't sing any song from WITH album, plus that song has such meaningful lyrics and perfect melody.....sigh ! A bit disappointed... but never mind la... still enjoy every song.... Jacky sang a good "manjiu shaka" !! wow !! I'm really impressed !!! Bet besides mui herself, no one sings better than him !

No comment on Hacken.

Next surprising guest, G. I don't like her actually. Sorry to say that, but this is my own opinion. 2 main reasons I dislike her : her story with her BF, and her singing voice isn't good. I found that she couldn't sing out loud at high keys, as she has to change her voice. Usually singers have to change voice when it comes to higher keys. But 1 thing she sings badly is that there is a huge difference between the low key and a high key. Forgive me, I can't accept her style of singing with such big difference in her voice. * Sorry if anyone disagree with my opinion above !*

I've seen many brides b4. Although they look pretty, they had nothing to compare with mui ! She is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL !!! If she walked to the side stage, sure I'll faint on the aisle.... but it was a touching moment ! Especially when she sang "far yuet kar kay" (wedding song) and "song of the dusk",ahhhh.... my heartache ler.... watching her walking up the stairs alone, my heart immediately sank to the very bottom, feel like crying . My sis told me that her eyes already filled with boiling tears when mui walked to the top of the stairs, turned around and waved at us. Luckily I could still hold back my sad feelings, if not later aunty snoop sure laugh at me. NEVER ! Never never ever cry in front of snoop, won't mempersiahsuikan myself like that, wahahaha !!

I've forgotten some of the parts. Including which songs she had sang that night. But the whole night was going fine, so no other comment.

Ahh !! There is something to share with you all too !! When mui made her short speeches, many times the fans will cheer out their excitement. For me, hehehe, yeah, I woooo and wooooooo and woooooooooooooo....then got 1 time when the audience around my area didn't cheer ( they just clap ), I woooooo so loud until caught mui's attention. Then she turned at me and said, " wooooo meh ar ??" ( means "what are you wooooooo-ing at ?? ) muahahahaha !!! Think I'll be embarrased ?? No !!! Then I woooooo even louder....hahahaha !!! Snoop, you remember that ??

ok, I've finished my part here, who's next ?? Can't wait to know more of others' opinion and feelings.....
woody, please tell us about the final when you are back, ok ??


Nov 8th Concert     by Snoopy

My 1st day of concert for this 2003. Getting to my seat is really interesting though bit dissapointed at first, being so sided from the left side of the stage. So sitting down, I begin setting up my lens, tripod for the photo shoot. From the news of fellow fans for the previous night, Mui hasn't move to either side to greet audience. So I prepared myself to stretch my lens as far as possible, still bit difficult, as angle and distant is really bad.

When music began, lights was very dim and focusing seems very difficult. But thru the lens, I could see mui is really in very good condition, facial expression and movement are cool and nice. On the 3rd costume, mui walk over to our side aisle which caught everyone by surprise..... suddenly mui is just 5 ft away from me.... wow!!!!!... could see her very clearly and she is really very beautiful.... yep....forgot what she sang anyway from there... hahahahaha.... but people beside had all rush out to greet her, my entire row of seat was empty accept me.... being tied to my tripod... but hey no regret as I could see her from my seat that close and.... really the feeling is really awesome!!!!!!!!

She wasn't as skinny as last year concert, in fact I felt she had more weight than last year and look very healthy unlike the news ever reported about her condition. Got very excited to see her so close and really nice singing at our aisle side..... thinking about tomorrow I would be sitting at the same seating but 3 rows lower really get me excited.... getting to see her that close again tomorrow night!!!!!!! hehehehehee..... yep....forgot totally about my photo shoot..... hahahahaa....

But once she is back at the center stage, her guest singer is really cool!!!!... David Tao sang very well with mui, was thankful that mui did not fowl up at the high key as David finish most of the high key part... though mui doesn't want to be left out, she did very well for that part too......

Jacky is nevertheless one of the very best singer and they compliment each other very well. Eason and Edmund are more plain but good performance with Eason stirring quite a number of joke to offset the gloomy scene when mui mentioned about some unhappy event.

Leaving the concert really full of awesome feeling... hahahahaa...... but rain was greeting us outside the stadium...... along the way met up with Junko a Japanese fan who won the Swarkowsky crystal from her birthday party and a Wuhan fan.... isn't it great to meet fans from various places???!!!!! (not to miss out taiwan and hongkong fans too......)
hmmm..... interesting and really sleepless night after this concert!!!!!! only get to sleep by 4am!!!...hahhaahhaa.......


Concert Nov 7th      by Skippy
Good Morning everyone from Hong Kong, it is 5:50a.m. on Sunday morning and I'm still not adjusted to the time change, so I thought I would let you know want's going on. I'm new to the forum, but a year long visitor/reader of My wife and I made it last Friday on the 7th to the Concert to support Anita, and we were only 2 of 4 "white devils" in the auditorium audience that night (I'm poking fun at myself, so please don't be offended, if you are I sincerely apologize it was not my intent to offend).

We came from the heartland of Americas Midwest, because we love Anita's singing and acting abilities, even though we do not speak or read Chinese. This was the first time we've done something like this, but when your 55 (yes we are old folks, but young in mind and spirit) you can do things on the spur of the moment. Ah Anita, did an unbelievable job performing and talking with and to the audience Friday night. If there was any doubt that this Lady was on her death bed, she put them to bed when she performed Friday and continues to. I know, and I agree with Snoopy and Casper, that she must rest and get better, because what she has been through no normal mortal would be able to come back this early from treatment and want to please her fans as this classy Lady does. There was a very touching moment in the concert when about 6 or 8 children presented Anita with a banner that said We love you Anita, with the word love represented by a heart. This was my 2nd time to HK, the last was 27 years ago as an internal auditor. There have been many changes, all for the better. But, the one thing that remains, is the friendliness and helpfulness of the people of Hong Kong. We met another nice Lady named Angela and her husband, who helped translate for us when Anita was conversing with the audience. I wish I had been 27 years younger Friday night (plus about 50 pounds lighter) and could have traded places with "Roberto" (for you ladies out there) he was one of the male dancers who had "abs of steel" and got to dance with Anita.

I'll contribute more when I return to State about the concert, but just want to let you know (okay okay brag) that my wife was able to present Anita with a bouquet of flowers and was able to shake Ah Anita's hand during one of the songs when she came over to the side where we were sitting. We have made it to heaven at the concert and can die peacefully after fulfiling a dream of six years.
Best Regards
Anita Mui Classic Moment Live - Hong Kong     by Indian Ocean

Salute to Anita Mui, the Diva and Warrior! Anita was very happy to see the audience holding a red heart shape torch, the atmosphere was very warm with the red and grand decor.
Anita had an outstanding performance last night and this proves that she has the inertia and willingness to combat her disease. This is a very positive message she is conveying to the society in general, especially for people who are desperate and want to give up their life.
She just looked a bit tired (from her eyes... she used to stare with her big eyes!).
She said last night that her only regret is that at her age she's not been married yet, I believe in destiny and somehow everything is planned in one's life. I am sure someday she will find someone who really loves her, rather just 'jump' on any 'chubby' that shows up, Anita you still have a lifetime to wait for the true love!
I wish you all the best for the coming shows and all your work ahead, I must say it again, though I've asked you before, you really need to find some time and really REST REST and heal yourself... any fans around have ideas if there is an island like where Robinson Crusoe landed? No paparazzi, no fans hanging around... but just fresh air, comfy bed, good food and your next half!
God bless


Brief review of concert of 11/06/03  by Woodstock

It was a wonderful and very successful concert. The stage design is simple but sophisticated. The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Anthony's band are excellent. The guest singers are top singers who can really sing. Our Mui Jei of course is superb. So we had a wonderful evening of nice music and songs. Moreover the costumes of Mui Jei are very beautiful, especially the wedding gown and the jewelry she wore at encore are extremely elegant and glamorous. The atmosphere of the whole concert is so pleasant. Full house, star studded, and all audience really enjoyed the singing of Mui Jei. She is such a good singer beyond my words of description. She sang many classic songs by herself, also in duet with Jacky Cheung, Hacken and then Alan. Each of the 3 sang by themselves too when Mui Jei was changing. Then Andy Hui, Edmund Leung, William So, Eason Chan, Cheung Wai Kin and Denise sang as a group Mui's quick songs and danced around.

From the title of this concert [ Anita Mui Classic Moment Life], and as it accompanied by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, one would understand the theme of this concert would be slow classic songs. Last year we just had the Anita Mui's Fantasy Gig Concert that was full of quick songs and hot dances. Now for a change, to have slow romantic songs that Ah Mui is specialized in is another enjoyment. Personally I have looked forward to this form of concert for a long time already. I believe there are many Hong Kong music lovers feel the same as I do, otherwise there would not be full house for all 8 shows lar!

( 1:00am 11/07/03)