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Anita Mui has her way of relieving pressure

[Gold TV] 1355 issue July 30, 2001


Anita Mui has been in the show biz for 20 years already.

20 years for a girl is a long period, how many 20 years in our life!

Determined to have a musical

She once retired from the stage, but finally she came back to the stage.  Actually she belongs to the stage, but due to the recent trend, she sings less and works more for the movie.

Ah Mui said: [  I won't give up, I have a wish  hoping to have a musical, and hope that one day my dream will come true.]

During recent years, there are many plays performed in Hong Kong, but she sees a difference between a musical and a play.  Though among all the artists around, she is equipped with the best condition for a musical, she can sing, dance and perform.  Why there is no investor for a musical for her?

[According to Hong Kong culture,  musical is still not as popular as concert.  In New York and England, you can enjoy  musicals with large cast.  But in Hong Kong, it is not that popular.  Though I like to accept challenge, hoping to bring new change to the culture, it is difficult to fulfill under objective circumstances, because huge capital is required for a musical, and it has to be played for many days before to get breakeven.]

In order to have a dream come true, will she consider to be a boss?

[I hope I will just be a performer.  Once I become an investor, naturally I will think differently.  I have to think about the bottom line, many things can't be done freely.  I don't even want to invest with friends, as I'm fated not to be a boss.]

In the past, she did invest in business with friends to be a boss.  Though she never involved with the operation of the business, every business wound up due to loss.

As she didn't sign contract with any record company, she hasn't had any album released for quite a while, but works for films more.

She said: [I have no other alternatives, but I don't mind.]

The economy of Hong Kong is not that good, so entertainment business gets the impact first, all suffer from great pressure.

If she encounters some unhappy things, how would she relieve herself?

[I'm a very good listener, if friends have complaints, I will try my best to talk to them, ask them to be more optimistic, don't grumble all the time,  because it doesn't solve the problem.  Try to get relieved of all unhappy things, then will feel better.  As for myself, I will chant Heart Sutra, that will calm myself.]

Almost disappeared from night spots

Mui Ma is a devoted Buddhist.  Due to poor health when she was young, Mui Ma was afraid that she would not live long, so asked Kwan Yin to adopt her.  So she took Kwan Yin as another mother.  Whenever she feels unhappy, she would talk to Kwan Yin.  Sometimes she will chant some prayers that will calm her down too.

Nowadays the young people often commit suicide whenever they feel something not up to what they desire, she feels that it is a great regret.

[Young people of this generation don't have a direction for their life, they are afraid of pressure, and they feel that no one understands them.  Actually there are many channels for them to complain, why they have to end their life, to hurt themselves physically or hurt people around them?]

During recent years, Ah Mui seldom goes to bars, not even karaoke.  After all she is a public figure, not suitable to appear in this kind of places all the time.

[Singing is my work, not entertainment.  A good song, I will sing with all my emotions, but if people around are drinking and making noises, no one really enjoys my singing, it is a waste of my performance.  No matter how good the acoustic is, it can't be compared as standing on the stage, because the stage belongs to me, when audience fully immerse in appreciation, there are echoes of emotions.]

Ah Mui admits, music industry is facing a big impact, but she will follow her own principles.  She won't sing any song, first of all she would like to see if she is touched by that song, this is the first hurdle she has to get over.

She feels that Hong Kong music industry of today is just like that of Japan 10 years ago.  A group of singers roll at a wheel disk, the lucky one will win, but will disappear entirely within one or two years, because they don't have a chance to learn, no chance to learn step by step, but purely by luck.  When not good will withered immediately.  This is very cruel, but this is the true fact, the whole market of South East is like this.

For quite a period Ah Mui hasn't been dating, she enjoys the peace.  To be her boyfriend, has to go through a certain process, must care about each other, otherwise just  be friend.

[Actually for any friends, male or female, or just casual friends, the friendship lasts for a year or 10 years, it all depends on fate, we have to treasure it.  I don't have good memory, often can't remember friend's birthday, but being friends, they won't have any demands.]

She hates  pansy type of men.  She admits she is straightforward,  many male friends treat her as brother.  She also hates men smoking while walking in the street.  It is even worse for female, she thinks that is very unpleasant.

Very quiet and gentle character

Some women like to make a lot of noises and talk loudly in the public, she thinks it is unpleasant too.  She is afraid to meet women who like to make troubles.

To some extent, Ah Mui is sympathetic towards men.  She thinks that men have to work and bear the responsibility of supporting the family, it is a big mental pressure.  If when they return home, they don't have a good listener, and if their wife is not considerate and without understanding, men will be in depression, and will find another way for releasing their tension.  Therefore she agrees that a couple should talk to each other over different matters, don't assume that a pair must be great lovers if they never argue.  It would be bigger trouble if anything happens.  Anything discussed today should not be brought up again tomorrow.

Ah Mui spoke frankly: [No matter it is a married couple, or a pair of lovers, if a 3rd party appears, I will be the one to leave.  Even I loves deeply the other one,  I will give up, because of love, I hope he will be happy.  If he really changes his mind, no use to fight for him.]

For her future partner, she hopes he has an open mind, even an very ordinary person, it doesn't matter.  Being ordinary is a blessing!

One can choose one's friends, but without any choice for a mother.  Ah Mui admits that she seldom saw her mother for a period.  She is not the same type as her deceased sister, who was a typical Chinese woman, 100% filial.  She said smilingly: [Mother is very stubborn, I inherited her character, just as stubborn.  Less contact, then less conflict.  But after all she is my mother.  I cares about her most.]

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