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Mingpao Weekly  1992  

Soft bone of Anita Mui's spine moved, almost paralyzed

When she was young she heard a sad fable:  a mermaid wanted to dance with her beloved prince, she asked a witch to change her tail to a pair of beautiful legs.  The price for that would be every step of dancing would be painful as an arrow pierced through the heart ---- Anita Mui said:  on the "last night", she strongly felt how the mermaid felt.

Thought she just wanted to be pampered

Jan 24th, when Ah Mui finished the part of hot quick dancing of the concert, and when she was going to backstage to change, suddenly her left leg felt soft: [I touched my left leg.  Suddenly I realized that it lost its sense, no feeling at all.   I repeatedly asked myself: "Finished like this?  Paralyzed? Half body paralyzed?  Would Anita Mui be able to stand up again?]

When Ah Mui limped back to the backstage, she complained to Ben Lam.  But she was thought just being playful with her boyfriend, and never been taken seriously that she was badly hurt. [But found that her face looked different, then realized how serious it was.] Ben Lam said apologetically.

After she went back to the stage, and finished the 2nd half of the show, Ah Ben immediately brought his girl friend to look for the doctor.  [A friend has recommended a Chinese medical doctor, after he decided the cause of the damage, he immediately tried to treat the hurting part by acupuncture, then also by message, and pressure point message, but didn't help at all.]  Though worried a lot,  it was in the midnight, so could only return home, and waited till next day for further planning.

Next morning, Ben Lam immediately sent Ah Mui to hospital for X-ray.  The result showed that the soft bone at the spine below the pelvic bone protruded, and it pressed on the nerves.  [The Doctor said, if it got serious, half body could be paralyzed.  He warned Ah mui that she had to stop all severe exercise, or it could be very dangerous.] 

What to do?  Ah Mui decided to cancel the concert of that night, but what to do with the following 2 nights? Anita Mui is usually very determined and clear-cut in her way of handling things, but this time she hesitated.

In the night of 25th, a good friend of Ben Lam, Cheung Kowk Chung called, and recommended him a Chi-kung c-fu .  [I thought, that was the last hope, so had to put the bet.]  Ben Lam made the decision, and brought her girl friend to the hotel to see the Chi-kung c-fu, and started treatment.

[At 10:30p.m., when Chi-kung c-fu was still messaging Ah Mui, the mobile phone never stopped ringing.  Every body asked the same question: "What to do with tomorrow night and the night after?"  In the end, Anita Mui asked all of them to come to the hotel for a meeting.  At 11:00p.m., final decision: "Even have to die, will die on the stage."]

[I'm just like an oil lamp, if last drop of oil is not burned off, I cannot rest.]  Saying this, Ah Mui had very deep feeling.

So Ah Mui was prepared for the worst: "to be the worst, just sit to sing".  However miracle happened.  The charge  of the Chi-kung c-fu was HK$2,000 per hour, but his treatment was really very effective, gradually Ah Mui's leg felt painful, recovering its sense again.

Going onto stage anytime to rescue her

On 27th night, as Anita Mui described herself, she used all "her energy from day she was fed on milk", accompanied by the crying and shouting, of the fans, she smoothly passed "her last night".  In tears, with a contradictory mood   ----   [Really has to turn back my head?  Or should not..........]  She sadly returned to back stage.

At backstage, Ben Lam held Ah Mui in his arms while Ah Mui's face was covered with tears.  He let her cry with all her heart.

[Didn't know how long I had cried, then all my good friends came, I had to greet them, so stopped crying.]   Ah Mui said laughing.

Finally calmed down, sitting in front of the mirror to take off her make up, looked at herself [I thought about my future, felt very complicated  ----  feeling uncertain, but happy, seemingly the new life had started, but also felt that I had lost a lot, a lot.  At least, this stage, would not belong to me anymore. ] Ah Mui took a breath and said: [To conclude in one sentence ---  among happiness there was grief.]

After this big battle, not only Anita Mui's physical energy, her endurance, her will power had been tested, it was a challenge to her relationship with Ben Lam.  Ah Mui didn't object to the saying "only real friendship can survive under difficulties", [He is very shy all the time.  But before the last show started, he even guaranteed that he would sing should the worst happen......]  Ben Lam was not sweet talking his girl friend, he really told the reporters seriously: [I was prepared, anytime I was ready to get onto the stage to rescue her.]

Beside Ah Ben, Ah Mui was moved to tears by many friends   -------[Sandra, Kit Yin, Sally......Sandra said if I really could not stand, I should sit and sing, then she would dance; even those foul mouthed and bitter Ah Nat, Eric comforted me, they would sacrifice their image, and would disguise as muscle men..........]

Ah Mui, full of feeling, said: [If you ask me what I will bring into my coffin on the day I die, I can be very sure there is only one thing, the true friendship.]










第二天大清早,林國斌立即把阿梅送到醫院去照 X 光,檢驗結果顯示:梅艷芳盆骨對下的脊椎盆一條軟骨突出,壓著了神經線。「醫生說,如果情況嚴重,可能會導致半身不遂,他警告阿梅,立即停止劇烈運動,否則非常危險。」







廿七日晚上,梅艷芳用盡了「吃奶力」( 她自已這樣形容 ),伴著歌迷的一片哭喊聲、嘶叫聲,順利地度過了「梅姑姑的最後一夜」。帶著兩行情淚,帶著矛盾心情──「到底應回頭?不應回頭......」她黯然走入後台。





 阿斌之外,令梅艷芳感動得一再下淚的還有──「君狗 ( 吳君如 )、潔瑛、莎莉......君狗說假如我真的捱不住了,就坐著唱,讓她伴舞;連平時說話最刻薄的臭口組阿叻、志偉他們,也安慰我,最多犧牲色相,上台扮大隻佬......」