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Anita Mui finally realizes Impermanence

by Kit Yee  


Once, she declared that she would destroy the billboard of the fortune teller.  But after the trouble she has gone through, she believes human planning can't supersede what is pre-determined by Heaven. In recent months she works very hard for charity.

After suffered from troubles for half a year,  recently she can be seen she has already recovered her complexion and confidence, completed looks different from the time when she looked most withered, entirely a different person.  Thank God, glad to see her pleasant smile again.

Being fugitive, living in terror

For a few months, she has kept her where-about in secret, seems very mysterious, even those closest to her didn't know where she was.  She has been staying overseas for a period, outsiders felt that  she was just like a fugitive, living in terror, maybe she had the same feeling too.  Now everything is getting better,  if not because of this incident, she would never have left Hong Kong for a complete rest, a retreat for thinking.  She has been in entertainment circle for 10 years, hardly any time for such a break and re-charge of energy.

[In the past I always reminded myself that I should reduce unnecessary society functions, shouldn't involve in a life full of drinking, eating and pursuing fun.  But after I remained to be quiet for a little while, I started again, and lost control of myself.  But, people will change due to change of age.  Now I'm not in a mood to fool around, I only look forward to a peaceful and quiet life.  I still need friends, but only those who really care about me, and understand me.  Those just for drinking and dining, better not!]

Doing charity actively

Observing Ah Mui careful, her attitude has changed to be very tranquil, reserve and sincere.  I know she has worked very hard for charity during recent months.  Besides making monetary contribution, every day she spends time in praying to drive away troubles.  As time goes by, this helps her to be more spiritual and she starts to look through this life gradually.

She has just passed her 29th birthday, it is just one year away from the big hurdle of 30 .  It is a sensitive hurdle to all girls, as once reaching 30, no longer young.  One fortune teller once foretold that Ah Mui would encounter a big disaster before 29, and also forecasted that after her peak, Ah Mui would have a very sad ending, she would become penniless and die early.

Ah Mui once protested loudly: [I don't believe that will come true.  I have made plenty and saved plenty, how can I use them all.  I will live up to 70, and destroy the billboard of that fortune teller.]

Realization of Karma

With  her present assets, even she retires from the entertainment circle right away, she doesn't have to worry about her living, even a luxurious living style.  But she dares not say that she will destroy the fortune teller's bill board anymore.  The fact of the happening of trouble made her believe human planning can't supersede what is predetermined by Heaven.  Because of this, she wants to know clearly the future direction, she doesn't like to live a life with deteriorated and empty mental state.

It is said that incident hasn't been settled completely, the money matter hasn't been cleared up.  How much money Ah Mui really has to pay to get back her freedom to live again?  Of course she would not say, but can't not save on that.  For 10 years, she has been generous, that has never been changed.  Money, won't really bother her. Someone died for no reason pitifully, no matter who should be responsible, she became one of the key persons.  The suffering during that period she would never forget during her life.  It gave her also lots of inspiration, and realized about karma.  (Ridiculous!  Someone died, none of Mui's business.  Only because she is rich, she became a scapegoat.  But did they know she made every cent by her hard work, it's her blood/sweat money? I totally loath and despise those Tai  Gor who squeezed money from an innocent, helpless woman!  What a boyfriend! caused her so much trouble. )

Now Ah Mui finally realizes everything, not only verbally, she didn't celebrate her 29th birthday by holding extravagant party, she only went to Po Lin Monastery at Lantau Island for monks food with more than 10 friends, having a very low profile birthday, that was entirely different from past 9 birthdays.  This shows she really has changed.  During the day belonged to her, Ben Lam has been regarded as her companion, of course had accompanied her.

Ben Lam is introvert.  After he has been with Ah Mui for a year, he is more careful in whatever he says  or he does, especially to questions related to Ah Mui.  He would reply, but too careful, so just like he never replies.

Last year, Ah Mui still said she died to get married.  When her sister, Ann Mui, was going to get married, she even mentioned that she wished someone would just pick her up, as she desired for a life of housewife.  But now her thinking has changed a great deal.  She is terrified by marriage, she is afraid that married  life style would not suit her.  Also she enjoys the freedom of a single life, as  she doesn't have to be responsible for anyone.  The past 29 years was like that, how will be the next 29 years?  She never thinks about it, but she doesn't like to live unhappily, she doesn't like to have further burdens. 

Just be natural, won't post any demand

[Nothing is definite, also impossible not to have changes, just like the thinking of a person will change greatly.  Two persons must understand each other thoroughly in order to stay together till old, but must be able to go through all tests, then their relation can last forever.  Not because I lose confidence in myself or in other people, but things in this world changes all the time.  A promise of today can't be a definite standard.  In order to be prepare for anything happen unexpectedly, why not just be open for everything, not try to have any hope, so that we will not have any disappointment and feel hurt when nothing comes as expected.]

Ah Mui admits frankly that being single suits her better at this moment.  She and Ben Lam understand each other more and more, but just a pure friendship will make them feel more comfortable and natural, less burden for each other.

Peace, tranquility, discarding away trivia, the world is full of loving hearts, this is the wish of Ah Mui's birthday for this years; as for her personal wish, it is a very simple one too: [Not worse than my past days, that is good enough.]

Ben Lam sounds same as she.  He doesn't plan to get married either.  It is best to keep their present situation.  He likes Ah Mui, but won't just be verbally, will prove it by action.  This is the down-to-earth character Ah Mui likes.

Pushed by waves from behind, fighting spirit not reduced

As for the performing career, Ah Mui's goal is the same.  She is confident she will reach  another milestone both in her filming and singing career.  In the film [The Heroic Trios] that she worked for after she got back, it's role has scope for her to develop.  Also there are other tailor made movies for her to choose.  As for singing, even though she has resigned from stage, she still loves singing.  Next year, she will start recording.  She will never go backwards, she will advance forward, at the same pace with the world.

Sometimes she will laugh at herself: [The sales volume of new singers can be even better than Anita Mui's!] Or: [The world belong to 4 super kings, no place for me to stand!]  It is because she dares tease herself, it shows she is open minded and she has quality, her potential hasn't been fully developed.  She believes she will have further peaks.  She knows she has to work hard, she wants support, she will put personal emotions aside, but invest all enthusiasm once more to the development of her career.  Ah Mui has found the direction she wants to go!


梅艷芳終悟天道無常    《玉郎電視》    1992年