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Anita Mui at leisure  (1992)

Anita Mui, looks more fresh, has put on weight.  After the storm, she has changed as she has settled down, and calmed down, not willfull as before.

Reporter:  You have to work for three films recently, can you stand it?

Mui:  No problem!  Now even can work for early shift.  Of course, it is tired, also very difficult at the moment when I get up.  But I insist to work for the film, I feel happy.

Reporter:  Feel any difference about shooting between now and before?

Mui:  The biggest difference is mood.  Now I feel it is interesting, trying to immerse in the role, it is fun.  Maybe I sing less, I can concentrate more in filming.

Reporter:  When will you release your next album?  Many people are looking forward to your new album.

Mui:  Have to wait good opportunity for good songs.  Right now, we are waiting for good songs.  Once I have found good songs, I will definitely release album again.

Reporter:  How can you become so tranquil now, what brings the change?

Mui:  Belief in Buddhism, doing charity, these can make people become more tranquil.  Keeping the desire for material things to the minimum, that in turn can reduce the attraction of material things.  I remember once I had to be photographed for an album cover, "to show off", I bought a leather coat of more than HK$100,000.  After wearing once, I could not wear it anymore, as everybody would recognize it.  No one would believe how painful I felt.   I have felt bad till today, that time I wanted to show off.  Afterwards I felt it's too extravagant.  Can't do that.  Since then, I realized material things can't make people happy, only spiritual satisfaction is the true happiness.

Reporters:  Nowadays, will you buy brand names only? or depends on styles?

Mui:  Not definite, depends on styles, and on occasions.  This overcoat I'm wearing, it is Italian style, but only cost Japanese Yen 10,000, very cheep, but good style.

Reporters:  All people say that you like to buy jewelries, do you still buy now?

Mui:  No, seldom buy nowadays.  Once I have possessed, then I won't think about it anymore.  Also, I don't like to buy jewelries from open auction again, I don't want people to think that I'm big spender, such an image brings me suffering.

Reporters:  Do you think when you will get married?

Mui:  I have no fantasy for this matter.  Once I bought a set of brand name jewelries, more than one million dollars, it is a set of necklace and ring of pearls with diamond.   The 3 pearls that made up of the necklace, 2 are white pears, the other one is black, very big and round.  Only the pearls already worth a lot.  If they are matched with a simple, good fitting wedding gown with expensive material, will definitely look great.  But marriage is a big event of this life. I'm really afraid that I can only keep this set of jewelries, and no chance to wear them.  Marriage depends on fate.  Right now, the only thing that makes me feel better is that this set of jewelries has appreciated to more than two million dollars, so it has made money for me.

Ah Mui, has always been so popular in the music industry.  Today, she is not in frontline, there are more new singers.  But, she no longer goes after status and profit.  She has seen through the people of this world, now she only chases after comfort and tranquility.  I have known Ah Mui for many years, but only now I can see her as lady of leisure.  How much unhappiness she has gone through?  I hope she can find happiness, if it is with difficulty, then it will last forever.....







記: 近日要拍三組戲,挨得了嗎?

梅: 挨得!現在連早班戲都可以接。當然,精神是疲累的,而且爬起床一剎那也很辛苦,但我仍然堅持接拍,感覺很開心。

記: 現時拍戲與以前有什麼分別?

梅: 最大分別是心情。目前覺得拍戲是樂趣,投入角色 相當好玩。可能少了唱歌,精神可以集中拍電影。

記: 什麼時候出唱片?多少人盼望你繼續出唱片。

梅: 好歌是可遇不可求的。現在正是求歌的時候,只要找到好歌,我一定會再出唱片。

記: 為什麼心境會變得如此平靜,受了什麼影響?

梅: 信佛,做善事,可以令心境變得安定。對物慾的追求減至最低,亦可減少物質引誘。記得拍一個唱片封套,為了『威』我買了一件十多萬的皮褸,穿過一次,不能穿了,人人都認的,那股心痛感,沒有人會相信,但我『赤』到今天。當時是『威』,過後才覺奢侈。做人不可以這樣。自此以後,物質不可以令人快樂,只有精神滿足,才是真正的樂趣。

記: 今時今日買衣服,你會買看名牌買?還是看衣服款式買?

梅: 沒一定,看款,看場合。你看我身上這套『意大利款式』外套,只賣一萬元日幣,好便宜,但是新款式。

記: 都說你愛買珠寶,現在有買嗎?

梅: 沒買了,現在很少買,擁有過,便不會記掛。而且,公開競投,我更不想投珠寶,很怕再予人一種『大花筒』的感覺,這個形象已令我受盡苦楚。

記: 有想過什麼時候結婚嗎?

梅: 我對這個問題再不存有幻想,以前曾買過一套名牌首飾,百多萬,是一套珍珠加鑽石套裝項鍊戒指。那頸鍊上的三粒珠,兩粒白珠,一粒黑珠,好圓好大,單是珍珠已值錢。如果襯一套款式簡單、剪裁合身、衣料名貴的的婚紗,一定會好看。 但結婚是一生一世的事,真怕這套首飾只能收藏荂A再沒有機會用得上。姻緣這回事,要看天意。 目前最令我安慰的,是這套首飾已升值至二百多萬,可以為我儲得金錢。

後記:一度叱吒樂壇的阿梅,今日退下火線風頭無疑給後輩們搶去不少。但是,她不再追逐名利,看透了人情冷暖,只追求舒服,追求寧靜。認識阿梅多年,今日才看到她悠然自在的模樣,中間不知經歷了多少辛酸?希望她能找得快樂,尋得幸福,直至永遠 ……