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Mingpao weekly   1238  August 2, 1992

Exclusive Interview at her home  

Anita Mui answered all the questions to clear up the rumors

Since the [Karaoke Incident], Anita Mui became the hunting target of media for those 2 to 3 months.

On July 30th, when rumor was being  widely spread that she went [hiding], Anita Mui was interviewed by our magazine exclusive in her home at Tai Hang.

It was a sunny afternoon, the reporter,  the photographer and etc went towards her home.  We found nothing special around her resident, we didn't see the security guard of the building, also we didn't see any plain clothes police people that we imagined would be around.  Maybe because the master of the house had been away for holiday for too long, not too many visiting guests around, that handsome big dog was so excited to see us,  playing with us.  Everything seemed to be in peace and full of warmth.

After we sat down for a little while, Anita Mui came home.  She was in a pair of super short jean shorts.  Her beautiful long legs were reddish from the sun during her holiday. Her face was full of sunshine, a bit tan and red.  Her pale face on the stage and tired complexion off the stage all seemingly washed away by the wind and rain of the tropic.  Can't blame her that she said with half regret and half relief:  [I never have had such a long break for rest for 6 years already!]

During this break, Anita Mui traveled over Asia, Europe and North America, total 5 countries.  The fun place was [The hot place in North America] .  Was her itinerary same as those speculated by the media?  She smile slyly and said: [Entirely wrong, only a few places guessed right.  But I definitely didn't go to Canada and Thailand.]

During the holiday, was she protected by local police?

Ah Mui laughed: [Really not necessary.  But during the holiday I still keep in contact with HK police.]

It was said, before her return of this time, she actually came back once in secret.

[No such thing.  All was imagined  by people]

Anita Mui was most up set at the "imagination" that she went to identify the suspect on the day of her return.

Anita Mui said: [I didn't go  to the police station,  also I didn't go to identify the suspect.  That day I went to my friend's home.  Maybe someone was making stories, making news for their circulation.]

At day, did the car picked her up belong to police? Was the police detective to meet her?

[Correct, it was the police car and police people.  Why they came to pick me up?  It was because they felt they had the responsibility for the first day of my arrival.  Then the police never asked me not to be seen in the public, never asked me not to see friends.  In fact, I have already seen many friends after I returned.  But my good friends didn't like to talk about it, that's it!]

Looks like every thing is back to the normal track, as Ah Mus said "start a new life".  Looking back for the previous period, she needed sleeping pills to help her to go to sleep.  Now she is reducing the dosage, and is able to sleep better than before.

Has Ben Lam accompanied her throughout  the holiday?

[Only for a certain period.] Ah Mui said quietly: [During this period, we started understand each other better.  There have been cold war in between.  But we reconciled.  We took care of each other during the journey, we get along better now.]

Also have stayed at home

Right now, are there still people who want to harm to her?

Ah Mui said: [I feel Im save now.  I don't feel anyone wants to harm me.  Some people so I went hiding, there is no such thing.  I have stayed in my friends' places, I have stayed in other places, I have stayed at my own, even in and out of my home.]

There has been rumors that some Triad people asked HK$10 - 30 million to settle the trouble of Anita Mui.  Has she had of such rumor?

[I have heard about it.  But I can tell you, on one ever asked me such money.  Also where I get so much money?  You look at my bank account, you would know that!]

However, Anita Mui said she has pulled herself together and came back for some private matter.  [After been away for 2 months, I have to write up a lot of checks, I have to pay my credit cards.  Also my waist hurts me again, need therapy at the last section of my spine.  If I work for movies, I have to get my waist ache cured first.]

Actually, Anita Mui always thinks about working for movies.  After she returned, she has already talked to the director about the script.  She is happy about that script, and will start work right after all preparation work for that film is finished.

Ever think of getting married?

Contemplated for a moment, she said: [I'm not psychologically prepared to get married yet.  Besides I still have to concentrate in my career, I feel marriage is not that simple.  I'm not trendy in my way of thinking, I will be very serious about marriage, I take divorce as a regret, and I don't want to have that regret.]

[Do you feel that Ben Lam will be a suitable partner?]

Ah Mui replied: [He is not bad to be a friend, but to be partner, I still need to understand more?  He is a trust worthy person, not too many such kind of people in this world, but he is sometimes too male chauvinist.]

Planning to leave HK again

[Then,  how would you think  a good partner should be?]

[Every one has different standard.]  Ah Mui said seriously; [Some  might want him to care about the family, some might want him to be more caring.  What I want?  I'm still searching.  But I have a standard:  he must give me big confidence.  At least he should not "sleep around".   If I find out he has been dishonest to me once, this will be the end of our relationship............Is Ben Lam up to my standard, I don't know yet............still too early.]

Anita Mui mentioned that Lam is a bit male chauvinist, good to friends, also in front of friends, must give him respect.  This is what she  meant  that  she is adapting to him more recently, 

In her love life, Ah Mui has had many experience, how many have left her a deep impression?

[About 5 or 6, this is about courtship.  There are more if you are talking about with whom I went out for dinner or shopping..........who brought me greatest happiness? Can't tell you, it won't be fair to the rest.  But the one brought me most tears is the one brought me the greatest happiness.  It is the same person.]

[Which boy friend gave you the greatest security?]

[It is the one who will get married with me.] Anita Mui laughed.

Now stopped talking about her romance, Anita Mui decided to leave Hong Kong again.  She has to make preparation for the movie she will play a role.  She will be away for half a month, the aim is to "keep fit the upper body",  As for how many inches, Ah Mui is not particular, just be natural.

Before the shooting of movie starts, Anita Mui plans to have a gathering with all her media friends, [Because one I start to work, I will be too busy, and I won't have time to talk in detail..............]

But Anita Mui said she wishes all the topic in future will not be related to this [Karaoke Incident.]

《明報周刊》    第1238期    1992年8月2日


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