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Ming Weekly 1825 (11/01/03)

PZ 1825 (11/01/03)


New Medicines make her very weak

Anita Mui cancelled her rehearsal


After made public about suffering from cervical cancer, Anita Mui has involved herself more actively in in work, such as working for slimming ad, concert and taking up the role in the movie [Ambush from all sides].....as she admitted that work is her motivation.

Last Sunday, for the promotion of the coming concert, she appeared at TVB, Tseng Kwan Oi.  Though physically still okay, thick makeup still could not cover up her sick look.  Might be it was too cool there, she wrapped herself in shawl.  When she was interviewed by Do Do and the media, she could not speak clearly.  She explained it was the side effect from her second chemo treatment, that made her very weak.

As her concert will start on November 6th, so her rehearsal was originally scheduled for this week.  And at the night of  Oct 26th, her agent Marianne told us Ah Mui would have rehearsal on Oct. 28th.  But it was cancelled, and no rehearsal for the whole week.  Her trip to Japan for the ad will be postponed one or two days from Nov. 16th.  The fighting part in the movie [Ambush from all sides] will be deleted and, most of her part will be shot in Beijing.

Our reporters tried to contact Cheung Yiu Wing, but he was not in the office.  We wanted to leave our phone # for Mr. Cheung to reply, but his staff said he would reply. 


Then we called Music Nation, which is one of the investors of Ah Mui's coming concert.  The person in charge of promotion said: [It was scheduled to start last week, and there should be a few days of rehearsal for this week.   But all cancelled.  Don't know when rehearsal will start.]  And he said that it is only about one week from the concert, Ah Mui still hasn't  [opened her mouth], so he is a bit worried too.

When talked to Marianne, she denied that rehearsal had been cancelled, [No such thing.  Run Wing Leung is in Shanghai, how to have the rehearsal? (Is rehearsal for 28th cancelled? No.  (On 26th, it was said rehearsal on 28th.  But cancelled.) No.]  When she was pushed to give a reply on this for several times, she finally explained: [Shanghai Symphony Orchestra will arrive at HK on Nov. 3rd.  There will be rehearsal on 3rd, 4th and 5th.]

As for the postponement for the trip for the ad, she said: [Ah Mui's concert got addition shows, last show finished on Nov 15th.  After celebration party will be after mid night, that is why postpone the trip.  No sense to rush her like that, right?]  She explained again that Ah Mui changed to take a new medicine this week, that is why she becomes so weak.

Though the concert is around the corner, Ah Mui is a professional singer, even with less rehearsal, it won't affect her performance.   We wish her to get more rest now, so that she will again show her best on stage to her fans.