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Ming Weekly 1826  (Nov. 8, 2003)

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At the back stage of the concert 

Exclusive Report on The Jewelry

Since Anita Mui made public that she was suffering from cervical cancer, people all care about her health condition.  At the time when she appeared at the TVB program [Together with Anita Mui], she was very weak, could not walk stably, and could not articulate clearly.  That made people worry more if she could handle 8 shows.  On Thursday, Anita Mui's concert started.  Around 6 o'clock in the evening, she had her final rehearsal with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.  She was full of air when she was singing, that made people feel better.  At the back stage, in the private room of Eddie Lau, I had a close look of Ah Mui's dowry.  

At the back stage of the concert, besides Anita Mui's private room that has a notice "No visitors", another room has a notice "No trespassers", there are security guards stationed outside this room too.  This room belongs to Ah Mui's best partner, Eddie Lau.  Two costumes designed by him for Ah Mui are hanging inside this room.

When met Eddie Lau, he immediately took out 2 jewelry boxes of navy color, one big and one small.  The big one is for necklace, and the small one for ear-rings.  The white lining inside the boxes are turning yellow, as it has been there for more than 10 years.  There is imprint of the name of the Italian specialist in jewelry, Gianmaria Buccellani inside the box.

Looking closely at this set of jewelry,  3 large pearls of the size of a thumb are the pendants, 2 in white color, one in silver grey, the necklace and ear-rings are made of diamonds and gold leaves.

Eddie said: [The night before I helped when Ah Mui was trying the costumes, when took out this set jewelry to try, we had so much mixed feelings.]

Eddie Lau has seen Anita Mui grow up.  In 1982, when she won the new singers contest, and went to Japan for the Tokyo Music Festival, he designed a suit for her.  Eddie remembers that it was a white Chinese cotton coat.  During Mid Autumn Festival, he went to Mui Ma's home with Ah Mui for dinner, and managed to find out this coat.  They were so happy about this, also it brought back many memories.

About this set of jewelry, [It was more 10 years ago, when Buccellati held an exhibition in HK, the set of jewelry was made to order.  On that day Ah Mui bought a set of sapphire, they recommended her a set of very beautiful pearls, so Ah Mui bought them and made them into this set.  She bought it thinking that she would wear it when she gets married.]

The set of jewelry cost more than HK$6 million at that time.  One day when  Gianmaria Buccellani retires, can't imagine how much this set will appreciate.  But at that time, Ah Mui was at the top of her career, appreciation was not in her mind, she only prayed for a partner, waiting for the day to be the bride. Unfortunately love relation finished one after the other.