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Ming Pao Weekly 1827 ( Nov 15, 2003), total 4 pages  + one article by Koo Kee Kwin

明報周刊 1827


Page 1,  2,  3,  4"天若有情"   by 顧紀筠     

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Running around for performing artists       Giving warmth to SARS vistims

[Gor Gor's death woke me up.  I want to use my time to do something for the Hong Kong people.]

In April of this year, Hong Kong was attacked by SARS.  Anita Mui felt she should give a helping hand to those who have been affected by SARS.  Being  chair woman of the Gild of Artistes, she started the [Project Blossom].  Even though she was sick, she involved fully in the preparation of the [1:99 Concert], gathering the power of all artists, and succeeded in raising a fund of more than HK$22 million for those who have been affected by SARS. 

She was elected to be the chair woman of the Gild of Artistes 2 years ago.  Ever since she has fought for the rights for the artists.  She said: [I always wish to bring more chance for development to the performing business  through exchange and cooperation between mainland China and Hong Kong.]  In March, she herself went to Beijing to visit the Cultural Department, and she keeps on negotiating with the HK government.  As a result, mainland China reduces its limitation on Hong Kong movies, that enables Hong Kong artists to get more chance to perform in China.

by Wong Chi Keung


For [1:99 Concert], from planning to a successful finish, being the Producer and Production Supervisor, Anita Mui involved in everything herself, totally exhausted.

No appetite  Lost sleep

She said: [During the period when I was preparing for 1:99 Concert, every day for each meal, I only had a sandwich, a cup of hot tea, at irregular hours.  I had to invite every singer myself.  I was so tired that I could not sleep at night, my head was full of details about the concert.  Sometimes, when I just got into bed, I suddenly remembered that something I had to do.  I immediately jumped off my bed and made phone calls.  After the concert, there were still many meetings about the follow up on the fund raised.  Then I realized that I was very weak, and had lost lots of weight.]

Looked for Sponsors herself

[The Project Blossom] and [1:99 Concert] raised a fund of HK$22 million.  A fair amount of this fund was raised by Anita Mui as she found a quite a few sponsors herself, such as  20 insurance policies, worth more than HK$ 2 million, that is for the education of orphans of SARS victims.  Besides, she went to super markets to collect the donation, she sold charity bags in the streets, she made the community aware and care about the SARS sufferers.  During the 2 events in the community, reaction was good, total fund raised was more than HK$1 million.