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Mingpao Weekly 1848  April 17, 2004  PZ 1848 (04/17/04)

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Anita and Ann Mui placed stick beside their pillow

Anita Mui already passes away for 100 days,  believe she has already arrived at land of Nirvana, and having a peaceful life there as she always craved for it.  But in this earthly world, when troubles related to  her (not agree to this, it is not her trouble related to her, but trouble of those still alive) will stop.  All know that Ah Mui's relation with her family is not that close, but she still takes care of her mother due to her filial piety and a sense of responsibility towards her.  Among her relatives, the one who was really close to her was her elder sister Ann Mui.  Unfortunately, both of them got the same sickness.  Ann passed away in 2000, and Ah Mui was in great grief, when she was interviewed by Mingpao Weekly, she related their sweet bitter days together.


If not because of Ann Mui's persuasion and if Ann didn't hand in the application form for the New Singers Contest, there would never be a super star, Anita Mui.

In 1986, Ann told the reporter of Mingpao Weekly:  [My friends asked me to try (join the contest), I asked Ah Mui to go together, so I wanted company.  But she refused, as she was afraid that if she could not win, she would lose face (at that time they sang already in bar).  When the deadline came, I filled the application form for her, and asked her for a picture.  As she was not fully awake from sleep, she asked me to select myself.  I selected one taken during a trip.  Then she asked me later and even blamed that I didn't make a good choice, as she looked ugly in that picture.]

Ah Mui learn singing by just listening in the class

Whether looking pretty in the picture or not didn't affect her career path towards stardom.  Both of them went to testing of their voice.  Lai Siu Ting only listened to them for a few verses, and let them pass.  But for the final result, Ann Mui was not within first 15.  However Lai Siu explained to Ann later: [If both of you selected for the final, the public will say we fabricated the result.  Actually your singing  should easily be ranked within the first three.]

During the night of the final contest, Ann Mui and Mui Ma seated upstairs.  Ah Mui's performance got very good response from the audience.  It came the time for announcing result, Choy Fung Wah said: [When I announced the champion, I bet you will yell.]  Her sister really won, Ann Mui was excited with happiness, and cried by embracing her mother, she shouted: [Ah Chu (Ah Mui's nick name when she was a baby.  When she was little, she was chubby) Ah Ma and me are here!]

Ann was not jealous, though her sister had better luck than she.  [Can't be denied, she is cleverer than I.  When I took lesson from singing teacher, we only paid tuition for one person, but I brought my sister along to listen.  She knew how to sing right away by listening.  Though I have been singing for more than 10 years,  at big occasion, I become very nervous trembling; Ah mei (sister) is different, she is so calm on stage.  Since she was very young, she has been like this.  I adore her for this, she is destined to have this as her career.]

Two sisters slept in same bed in the hospital

Ann was always on time, never late. [Ah mei always so slow, and she is greedy for sleep.  She would rather sleep 10 minutes more, and then rushes to the destination.  We are good to each other, but can't live together.  Whenever we meet, we would argue. ]  Sometimes, as an elder sister, she would raise a question, but got scolded by her younger sister. [I'm not that generous, and thin skin.  After she scolded me, she would pamper me, but I would refuse to talk to her.]

But they had close deep relations, they would be so good to each other when calmed down.  Ann could never forget the days when they were hospitalized together.  [At that time we had water rationing, both of us drank some salt water, our fingers and toes got swollen, even our face swollen like a pig's head.  We were sent to Caritas Hospital, and diagnosed as having acute inflammation of kidney, we were hospitalized for one month.  It was around Christmas, it was then we learnt the song "Silent Night" .  She was afraid of darkness, we  slept in the same bed.  When the nurse on patrol, we went back to our own bed.  But right after the nurse left, we held each other and slept together.  We dared fall asleep till day break.]

Ann wished her live happily

Both of the 2 sisters were afraid of darkness since they were young, seems a kind of phobia.  In April 2000, Ann succumbed to her illness.  During an interview by Mingpao Weekly, Ah Mui said: [I remember the time when we were in teens, we would put a stick beside our pillow, because we were afraid that the step father would come and harass us.

[Ah Ann is comparatively not so brave, she is afraid of darkness, (actually both of them are afraid of darkness?).  When we were on tour, we would stay in one room, we would leave our light on for the whole night.  If one of us went to the toilet, the other one would stand by the door keeping the one inside company.]

After grew up, Ah Mui stayed by herself, but she said she didn't like to sleep at night.  She told me: [Night time is for thinking.]  I don't really know if it was all because of her past.

In 1999, Ah Mui knew her sister suffering from cancer, and witnessed the last days of her life in this world.  [She always could not stand pain. During the last period, she was in great suffering, but she never showed in front of mommy.  Due to work, I was running around, every night I called her, she still pretended everything was okay with her.  I even worried that, she might blame me that I didn't visit her often, but from mommy, I know Ann always thought about me, but understood my situation, she only wished that I would live happily.]  It is a pity, the wish of Ann Mui didn't come true.

Tattoo?  Drug Addicting?

Since 1982, soared to stardom, Anita Mui always wrapped her two arms tightly under clothes. That caused speculation.  Some said she was a bad girl, her arms were full of tattoos; some said she was drug addict, her arms were full of needle holes.  Anyhow, people were not allowed to see her arms.  Eddie Lau, who was closest to Ah Mui, of course could come out and speak for Ah Mui that her arms were perfect with no needle holes or tattoos.  And Ah Mui herself had explained till out of saliva, [My arms are so skinny that make me feel inferior.  One day when they become more meaty, I don't mind to let you see them.]

Wait, 8 years had gone.  In the summer of 1990, Anita Mui had 30 shows of her concert.  At the end of each show,  Ah Mui appeared in a pink dress with bare back, and performed "Man Chu Shar Wah".  Eddie Lau described, [She was almost bare for the upper part of the body , only her busts were covered.]  But he had prepared a gauze shawl, it could not cover up anything, but gave protection to Ah Mui's arms psychologically.

In order to show a "true face " of her arms, Ah Mui exercised more than a month, weight lifting, her arms became thicker, more than 1 inch.  Her arms would not make her feel inferior anymore, and those who spread the rumors had to shut up.