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Ming Pao Weekly 1829 ( Nov 29, 2003), total 2 pages   

PZ 1829

page 2


1) Ah Mui just sat at the corridor looking at the beautiful scenery, so she was not too tired.  The wall painting behind her is made of 238 panels, a famous painting.

2) When Ah Mui arrived at Japan, she is in Eskimo coat, full of smiles.

Anita Mui went to Kyoto to work for the TV ad for Modern Beauty Salon.  On the morning of her first day work, it was raining slightly, temperature 12 degree centigrade, quite cold when wind blew against the face.  Anita Mui is wearing a kimono in the ad.  Though she had shawls, the material for the kimono is very thin, so she felt cold.  Her assistant tapped 2 heating bag inside her kimono, one each at her leg, and one each under the foot.  The assistant bought those heating bags in Hong Kong, it is the type you tear if off and tape to the clothes, and will turn warm.  Who knows, after 2 to 3 hours, it become so warm, almost like boiling eggs. Ah Mui 's skin almost got scorched

1)  When Ah Mui didn't have to be under camera, she rested in the room of the temple.  There was heaters, but Ah Mui still had to wrapped around in the big shawl.

2)  The Kimono Ah Mui has in the ad is not convenient for movement.  So Ah Mui had to pull up the skirt when walking.  Aiya, she was wearing  sports shoes........hehehehe