In Memory of Mui



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Mingpao Weekly 1860   July 5, 2004

Anita Mui, HK$400,000 Tablet at Po Lin Monastery



After the Big Sister of the Music Industry, Anita Mui,  passed away, her mother always wished to keep her ashes and set a tablet at Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island, let her  to be with the Big Buddha.  Days ago, we found the tablet has already been set up in the Exhibition Hall that is under the Big Buddha.  It is said last week Matchy, who had once had a romance with Ah Mui, came to there to pay respect to her too.  But Ah Mui's ashes are still place at Mui's Ma's home.

According to the staff of the Exhibition Hall of the Big Buddha, the tablet was set on June 3rd.  The Tablet is facing east, at a very eye-catching spot.  Comparing Ah Mui's tablet with the rest, hers is in a higher level, the area it takes is bigger, so the place of the space is more expensive.  The staff said: [Actually normal people can set tablet here too, it costs HK$2,0400 per brick-size.  Ah Mui's occupies about 18 to 20 brick-size, so Ah Mui's costs about HK$400,000.  Also Ah Mui's place is selected by Feng Shui master.]

Master Choy Pak Lik chose the place

It is said, on April 22, 2004, Mui Ma, her son and the Feng Shui master came to Po Lin Monastery to choose the place for tablet for Ah Mui.  Ah Mui was a Buddhist and she had contributed of charity work for Po Lin Monastery during her life, so Ah Mui was specially treated by the Monastery, her tablet was allowed to be placed at the highest level, besides l to be matched with her 8 pillars of birth, it is at the same level as the tablets of other high ranking monks

Till June 3rd, Ah Mui's tablet was officially set up.  On that day, besides Mui Ma, Ah Mui's good friends including Too Ching Ching, Lin Yee Fai, Fan Club chairman Ms So, Ben Lam and etc accompanied Mui Ma here.  Marianne, it was rumored that she was not on friendly term with Mui was, was not notified and didn't come.


Matchy came to pay respect

Match, the famous Japanese singer, who had a love affair with Ah Mui in 80s, came to HK last week to ask Ah Mui's good friends about the place of her tablet.  But now, to pay respect to Ah Mui, one can either go to Shang Sin Chun Tong, Kowloon Tong or Po Lin Monastery.  After Matchy was told about the 2 places, nobody knows where he went to pay respect to Ah Mui.  When we tried to verify from the "matchmaker" of Ah Mui and Match, Lin Yee Fai, he said: [Do you know where is Ah Mui's tablet? You are right, Matchy came to HK last week and asked us where Ah Mui's tablet is.  But he seemed to be very busy, and we don't know if he went to pay respect to Ah Mui or not.]

But till now, Ah Mui's urn of ashes is still kept at Mui Ma's home, hasn't been placed at the Po Lin Monastery.  It is said Mui Ma still has strong lingering feeling about Mui, it is also said Mui Ma wants to wait for the best time to move the urn of ashes.  We tried to verify this from Mui Ma, her amah answered the phone for her and passed to us Mui Ma's reply:  [I'm not convenient to answer your phone, will talk to you later.]