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[Movie Story] 2nd issue of 2004 (released on Feb 1, 2004)

A late night chat between Mui Yimfong n the reporter of 'movie story'

At the end of the year 1996, Mui Yimfong n Zhao Yung,  reporter of 'movie story', Yam Peiwen had a late night leisurely chat.

At the end of the year  2003, before dawn, Mui yimfong died of illness.

Is the leisure chat from that late night  lasted till this dawn? Why it seems that she just said those words  today?  Seemingly it is an omen of an encore of a kind of life

Yan Peiwen stressed that the article published in the 1st issue of 'movie story' in 1997, reader can feel a different kind of mood of Mui Yimfong.

She sat in that kind of old style  round carved chair, putting on make-up, in the make-up room. She wore a black dotted red sleeping robe w/an overcoat draped over the shoulder, earnestly reading a script. A trace of the afternoon sunlight  lazily blending onto the wall behind her like a warm hand enveloping her shoulder. She was in that way simply plain like a woman completely devoid of cosmetics.

We had consulted w/her manager, wishing to have an interview w/her. She accepted the magazine we handed over to her, observing us w/out repulsion nor indifference, as she spoke lightly: "I think perhaps you will have  to wait for a long time".

She was called to do a shooting, gracefully, she walked passed us, turned back her head n gave us a smile. I thought seemingly she was not a person difficult to approach. We felt assured and relaxed.   but that sunlight was slowly fading into retrogression.  Perhaps the beauty of our life was just at a blink.

When Mui Yimfong came out again, the sky had darkened. The beautician went forward busily arranging her hair which was messed up during  filming moments ago. I leaned towards her, so close that I could clearly see the fatigue shown by her eyes. "Recently heard that your health is not good?" I asked her. "Mmm.. tonsil inflammation". She touched her neck...her voice was not so low as  when she was singing  , she looked like a whiff of wind going to flutter away from me.

Seeing me taking out the recorder, she asked if she could   sit down. I said certainly, her hands held onto the chair showing how thin and bony she was,  that broke our heart. 

"Good heavens, you are thin,   100 catty (should be lbs.) " "A little bit over 100", she smiled faintly.

"Now that newcomers are increasing, as a big sister of the entertainment industry, any fear of competition?"

Hearing the word 'big sister', Mui Yimfong couldn't help smiling and repeated saying "big sister"  , I could feel that she was wearied. Is she really wearied?

"Competition? Won't be, ah." Mui Yimfong's mandarin was not too fluent,   "From my debut till now , I haven't felt any reason for competition.  I have never competed w/any one for anything.   Regardless of the present or past, I'm always the same, as for now there's  nothing   to compete for ."

"Why?"   I was startled by  her attitude, she gives people the impression that she is the type who likes to "fight"

"I don't have anything left." She said lightly. Seeing my astonishment, she continued "I feel that I'm old, indeed I  feel this way.   My whole self is old. Perhaps   I have experienced too much , my point of view is old,  I look at every matter lightly....   Now I  most like  to live my life the way I longed for. When I was young , I  never really attended   school,   now  I wish to go abroad to study, possibly in 1 or 2yrs time. If able to study, doesn't matter when to study,  but because of the brain can't  remember too many things, as my memory  is not too good  now, I'm old.  Therefore, while there's still a bit of memory   now...."

 "Still trace of youthfulness?  " I've noticed that she had expressed for the 2nd time that she's old. Just wanted to tease her to make her happy.

"No more trace of youthfulness  . I don't have any more youthfulness, its true." Mui yimfong insisted .

"Then, what do you wish to learn?" I changed to a new topic.

"Want to learn everything, want to study English, also want to learn painting. I want to do whatever I love to do."

Is it because sentiment matters have  become past, finally   realized that your own self is  most dependable  ?

"I could still remember your acting in 'rouge', really acted very well indeed!"

"Is it? It's been 8yrs." Mui Yimfong was cool and aloof, had she forgotten how charismatic she was 
? Why is there a feel  [been 8yrs, don't mention it anymore ]  

[Rouge], she retraced her recollection, "I came out to sing at 4-1/2yrs old, later on had to attend school, to sing at   night, that is why I didn't  really study, During classes I  always fell asleep n in dreams. I attended school  till   12yrs old then I stopped altogether. Later on, there was the new singer competition, my sister instigated me to participate, I sang the song of  Paula Tsui, achieved the newcomer biggest prize. At that year, I was 17yrs old. I love singing, most probably this is  the only thing I can   do."

"In the   movie,   you play the role   an outdated   sick dancing girl, not afraid it will be harmful to your image," I asked.

"Why should it? What sort of image do I have? I am very ugly. Since small, I'm afraid to look into the mirror, I feel that I'm very ugly."

" How can that be ? " It was my turn to say  . "How can   you be ugly?"

"I feel that I'm not beautiful.  In the past  , I dressed up very weirdly, very exaggerating in order to cover up myself, using a different way to look appealing to others."

Does it mean lack of confidence by peculiarity  and exaggeration ?

"You should not have  no confidence. Beauty is one kind of charm, you are very charming." I sincerely think so. "Alternatively, what type do you consider as  pretty?"

"Like Maggie Cheung,la, Rosemund Kwan Chi Lam  la, n also Siu Sin (Ng Siu Lin)
." She looked at  Ng Sin Lin who was sitting opposite to her. "All of them are very pretty. I am not pretty."

Mui yimfong lowered her head fidgeting  w/her nails, I have never thought she could be so frank but this kind of frankness could make a person feel sad.

"My next life must be a man." Mui Yimfong suddenly announced. "My previous life was a man. So now as I'm in between I must be a neuter."

Unable to control by her provocation, we laughed.

"I have the disposition of a man." she said. "To women, be it mother or sister, I always give in to them. I have a foster   sister,  I give her everything.  But to men, its different, I will strive for  everything with him. But if I love him, Ill give in to  him, give in to him for everything  "

"Then ever think of having a family  ?"

"I do." Ah mui blurted out, but after some thought, "Previously, did wish for. After all   I' m still a woman, a woman needs a home, with kids. But now, I don' t wish anymore, I'm old, never mind, just take it easy.  "

Mui Yimfong was totally disappointed and lost hope  she once told  reporters that she would ask Leslie to marry her even he would have grievance.    This joke seemed to have a bit of teary fragments.

"You should give birth to   a child."

"I cannot give birth to  a child now. My mood is not good, I will hit him."

"Will you?"

"I will! My mood is good, I'll spoil   him, my mood is bad, I'll hit him thus this is not fair to him, not responsible  .  Therefore,   I cannot give birth to   a child now, I do not have the energy to take care of him, if  one can't take care of him    whole heartedly   that's irresponsible . As when I was small my mother often hit me."

"Your mother hit you?"

"Hit. My mother has 4 kids, I'm the youngest, but got   hit the most."

"Why? You should be the one being loved most  ."

"No. When we were very small our father had already left us. It was tough for my mother to bring up the 4 of us."

"Why did your mother hit you?"

"I think she must be in a bad mood."

For a while  , Mui yimfong was quiet.  The night had sunk in (or getting deeper) , it seemed that    we were not interviewing a prominent movie star, more like a couple of ladies  discussing their never ending topics about family matters, man, children.

"How will you look at   HK's return in 1997?"

Mui yimfong thought for a while, w/out any boldness in her words: "How should we say, if there's any natural disaster that happens in any part of China, my heart will feel   painful suddenly.  I will think, how can it be like that  ? I will worry a lot. Therefore,   I will participate in any charity performance for relief of the disaster.  But at times, if someone did something bad, I as a Chinese nationality will feel very ashamed, I will also think,   how can   it be like this?"

..............We requested her to go to the bedroom next door, she sat in front of the dressing table feeling bored, beneath the sleeping robe, her legs were visibly very thin, reflected on her pale face, lips were a different kind of red. I remembered her look a couple of years back   when she stood by the piano, singing [Years Flow Like Water].  Did  she   know  the lyrics of that year indicating   her present mood? [Sum jung gum taan chi sui lau leenbut hoh yi lau jue jok tin----Lau ha ji yau si nim yat chuen chuen wing yuen chin, ho hon yin boh lui, moon waai guen, mo lui ya mo yin,sui joi ming lui jue joi ngoh, yuen ging but gin daan ying heung jeuk chin...........] [Sighs with regret in the heart, years flow by like water, Can't hold back yesterday... what left is memory only, a string and string, forever entangled, in the vast smoky waves, full of weariness, no tears and also no words, who is controlling my fate of this life?  Situation hasn't changed, but still advance forward...]

(comment by Woodstock:  This interview was done at end of 1996, it can be seen that Anita Mui was in a very low mood, as she was bothered by her poor health, and was not really certain about the direction of her career after she re-emerged from her semi-retirement.  But in later years, you can really see the change in her.  She gradually became very positive and worked towards her goals in full blast even till the last day of her life in this world.  So don't really agree to what the the interviewer or the reporter said.  This interview was not an omen of the end of her life.  This interview only reflected the mood of Anita Mui on that night of that interview or days when she was shooting for Eighteen Spring.  She was too engrossed in the role and also as I have already mentioned that during that period Anita was not in her best condition, in terms of health and career.)

《電影故事》2004年第2期 (2月1日出版)