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Year 1990
Mui YimFong fighting with knife and sword

After finished shooting the movie [Children of Tumultuous Times] aka 'Shanghai Shanghai', Mui YimFong heaved a sigh of relief.

The movie [Shanghai Shanghai] is a big production with Samo Hung, Yuen Piao, George Lam, Mui YimFong, Tien Niu, Sandy Lam co-staring, the casting is not small, originally the movie was called [We Love  Shanghai], several changes were made and finally renamed it [Shanghai Shanghai].  It is a story which happened in Shanghai during the 20-30's,  Mui YimFong acted as a patriotic revolutionary member who  loved her country.

[laughter] Actually here is a bit of similar situation. 

Ah Mui was listening and smiled:   [Yes, a very dramatic  movie which uses the ancient times to reflect the current situation.] 

Writer: [ you are selling the flowers thus you praises that the flowers are fragrant, shooting was tough,  wasn't it?]

Anita, emphasizing deeply:  [Oh! Since I have been working for  movies , this is really the toughest movie  I've shot.]

The writer remembered watching the preview of this movie [Shanghai Shanghai] at the cinema,  he/she  saw Mui Yim Fong really leaped up and kicked with her leg without using any stunt person. A lady sitting beside the writer was unable to hold back and exclaimed: [Wah, Mui YimFong is so daring n really fight, resembling real fight! ] Obviously, Ah Mui's movement caused much surprise.

The writer related to Ah Mui the reactions of  the audience in the cinema.

Anita: [Oh, it's killing me, the director wanted me to act personally, lots of movements and I didn't use any stunt person.]

Writer: [ Really , could it be that leaping kick was a false kick?]

Anita: [Of course not, don't overlook  that kick , I've practiced many times, but when shooting at the shooting site, didn't get the accurate  position , I got kicked by the master of martial arts in the mid air  just 5" up and below the knee (?) , immediately I became a limped girl, could not move.]    As she remembered, she felt it was frightfully

Writer:  [For that scene because of her injuries, I had to stop, waited for her to recover and then continue. Having  learned a lesson,  although she was frightened , she still had the courage to complete it.

I (the writer) asked her: [Wei,  Were you not told at the very beginning that you would have a fighting scene with Samo Hung?]

[Has been cancelled, there's too much difference,   when I stood beside  him , everyone feels  that I cannot possibly win,  as his single fist could send me tumbling and flying off, luckily didn't shoot that scene.]  She patted her chest, maybe feeling already wounded by  the master of martial arts, if she was  to fight with Samo Hung ruthlessly, wouldn't be surprised that her whole body would be covered with scars.]

Writer:  [Couldn't be considered having a lot of fights, then.]

Anita:  [Oh, couldn't be considered comfortable fighting with the master of martial arts, especially when I'd to learn fighting with  sword.]

Writer:  [Fighting with sword is not fist and foot skill , wont be that easily injured.]

 [ But the sword has no eyes, if not careful,  could be easily pierced or scratched .] She showed an impolite facial expression.  [ There was a dance entwined with fighting movements with Yuen Piao which also tore me apart.]

[Dancing is your specialty, what are you afraid of?]

[ There was  no connection to dancing, I had to dance and fight simultaneously, needed to somersault and released flying sequence, after finished shooting that scene, my hands and legs didn't seem to belong to me anymore, my waist and my  backbones ached and the whole body  fell apart. ] Ah Mui related with fright

Such a weak, skinny and bony Mui YimFong could take part in  an action packed film, fighting with knife and sword, kick boxing, all is really refreshing and interesting.

The writer teasingly said : [ Ah Mui, you are indeed 100 ever-changing Mui YimFong, your new image in the year 1990 will be martial warrior Mui YimFong.]

Anita couldn't help laughing: [Oh, if you didn't  say so, I wouldn't have known I have transformed myself to this new image.]

The writer smiled as he asked: [Wei, for this year's on stage singing, will you have high flying kicks, or dancing style of somersaults ?

Anita laughing loudly: [Then I will have to make several sets of martial arts costumes appearing on stage as an ancient martial warrior. Oo, this idea is not bad, it is worth considering.]

But, as in [Shanghai Shanghai] Ah Mui's fighting costumes were extremely beautiful, they were beautiful clothes  of the 20's, 30's Shanghai.







哎呀,這可真是從影以來拍得最痛苦的一部電影。」她加重語氣的說。 筆者想起在戲院看見的《亂世兒女》預告片,梅艷芳居然跳起踢腿,清清楚楚看到那是她親身上陣,並不是替身。旁邊一個女子不禁說:「嘩,梅艷芳竟然真打,似模似樣呢。」可見阿妹的動作引起的驚訝。