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God Bless Ah Mui


Anita Mui's concert started the night before.  It was full house.


You must remember in the 80s, Hong Kong music industry was booming and in full blossom.  The market was divided among Tam (Alan) Cheung (Leslie) and Mui (Yim Fong Anita).  Their influence continues till today.  Time just flies, Gor Gor just left this world, Ah Mui got sick.  You must also remember Ah Mui's album of last year, [With].  (In mainland China it is called Fantasy Group).  Just in 50 minutes, the album combines almost most famous voices of the whole  HK music industry, it also  includes history of competition between Tam and Chueng, then the 4 heavenly kings, and the queens.  Every one is a witness of a period of history, Ah Mui is the most fortunate, because she witnesses a period of blossom.  Also during her era,  she  remains to be the queen of the highest prestige all the time.  


She doesn't only mean her famous songs that will be remembered forever, not only her ever changing images, also not only many romours due to her fate, she is the miracle of whole HK music industry, and one of the very rare super stars of the whole China.  Also, even she is suffering from serious sickness, people definitely would not related her with weakness or beauty with bad fate.  It is because she is always the strongest, the toughest just like her music.


Last year, it was the 20th anniversary of her music career.  With her unique voice and style, she has already issued more than 30 albums, and has played in more than 50 movies (45?).  As early as 1987, she held 28 shows for  her concert at HK Coliseum.  She broke  the world record of one singer singing for so many shows at the same venue.  As a female artist, it is a miracle for such a record.  But at that time, it was also a miracle that she shared the same popularity with the heavenly kings,   Alan Tam and Leslie Cheung.  It is said that the 8 shows of this time is the farewell concert of Anita Mui.  If it is true, we accept she puts a full stop to her career in such a form.  So grand, so glamorous and so beautiful, in this world, who else deserves such a cast?

在网络论坛上,很多人都在讨论关于阿梅的事情,有一位网友贴出了“GOD BLESS ANITA”的贴子。是的,天佑阿梅,希望她身体健康,不管以后唱不唱,她已经功德圆满。(崔恕)

At some forums of websites, many people are discussing about her.  One web browser started a topic "God Bless Anita".  Exactly, God bless Anita.  Wish her good health.  No matter she will sing in future or not.  She has achieved great success.