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Anita Mui:  warmth still exists   loneliness for life

2003年11月18日14:48:00   南方都市报  窦婉茹





Talking about Anita Mui, she said:  I married to the stage.  But I can't think of anything better than what she said.

I have seen some people who live for the stage.  Ordinary means normal, and getting more energetic, entirely a different person when under spot lights.  " Soul" has left the body, like floating.  We will describe those people "being crazy when in company of other people".  If to be more polite,  will be like Chow Yuet Fat describing Chung Cho Hung "Peacock."

There is not only one road leading to happiness, so I don't feel regret for her.  Who doesn't have regret? (Emperor Che Lung?)  Who would cry for spilled milk and cry for the unknown ending? (kids?) So I think Anita Mui 's life can be regarded as fullest.  But on the night of 15th,  at her last show, no matter how hard hearted one is, when one saw Anita Mui in wedding gown walking arm in arm with Andy Lau along the red carpet just like a pair of newly wed , one couldn't help but feeling very sad.  What she feels makes people feel at lost.

During the encore, Anita Mui performed [Sunset song] and [Treasure the time when we meet again].  tears welled up her eyes.  The curtain would be down, time to say good bye.  In the existing warmth , fortunate and unfortunate all turn to be endless loneliness, for life.