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陳燮陽憶為梅艷芳伴奏絕唱:  :她是了不起的女人  

In memory of conducting the last concert for Anita Mui, Chan Yuk (??) Yang said: [She is an outstanding lady deserves respect] 2004年05月21日02:07 重庆商报



Yesterday, Chan Yuk Yang was interviewed and then talked about Anita Mui.  He said, he led the orchestra of about 85 musicians to play the music for Anita Mui's final 8 shows at HK Coliseum.  Talking about Anita Mui, he was full of feeling and said: [She is an outstanding lady who deserves respect,  she got the most beautiful and perfect ending.]

陈燮阳介绍说,上海交响乐团抵达香港排练时,梅艳芳看上去十分虚弱,很多乐手都怀疑:“每天近3个小时,她怎么唱得下来?”但是从11月7日(should be 6th) 起梅艳芳正式登台后,“整个人感觉都不一样了。我想,她是那种天生属于舞台的人。”到11月15日红馆最后一夜,她越唱越好,几乎让整个体育馆为之疯狂。陈燮阳记得:“演出后,她还和我说‘明年1月我们再演8场,还是你们来伴奏’。”

Chan continued to relate, during rehearsal, Anita Mui looked very weak, many musicians doubted: [Everyday about 3 hours, how can she continue?]  After the concert started on November.  [She looked entirely different.  I think, she is the type really belongs to the stage.]  In the last show at HK Coliseum, i.e. November 15th, her singing was getting better and better, audience of the whole stadium almost got crazy for her.  Chan remembered: [after the show, she told me "In the January of next year, we will have 8 shows again, and you come to play the music."]


Chan also said during the last show, too many flower bouquets, not enough space at the entrance to the theatre.  During the period of concert, many artists came to the concert to show support to Anita Mui "I'm touched by the unity among the Hong Kong artistes, no doubt she was the soul of that circle.]