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[Oriental Sunday]   Nov.   1991

Anita Mui ---- a girl full of handicaps

by Chan Wing Kong


I have interviewed 3 girls in a row. The first one is Di Nar, who declares she would save the country by going into business.  The second one is Lau Wai Hing, who is in the politics, and the third one is Anita Mui.

From the time I made appointment with her, it had been some sort of troubles:  sick, mis-understood the place for appointment, postponed , and then late.  Just had to wait, almost ran out of patience.  Finally got the appointment.  At first, the interview didn't go on smoothly, as she was on guard, the atmosphere not so pleasant, and she kept on asking me: [Do you understand what I mean?]  Very disgusting.

Anita Mui leaned against the dressing table.  After talking with her for 2 nights, I found she is the one I like most.

This girl has lots of handicaps and weaknesses, but she doesn't mind to display them, that causes herself full of wounds.  However she still keeps on going forward without any regrets or grumbles. Why?   Maybe it is because she is still so young  --- only 28.

Relation with media  -  the most welcome artists

Anita Mui has very good relationship with the media, extremely good.  Not too long ago, she has been entitled by the media as "the most welcome female artists".  Entirely different from those in the same circle, who want to sue the media or purposely avoid the media interview.


[What can't be talked about?  Let others fabricate the story, might as well tell them by myself.  You must believe whatever I say, because I never lie to you.]

[My greatest advantage  is that I'm "true".  No matter to people or to any thing all the same, then I feel I won't fail myself.  What will happen tomorrow, difficult to know.  But at this very moment, I won't lie and say anything against my conscience.]

[The media is in very sensitive position.  It doesn't matter how many things I did before, if a piece of news article is unfavorable to me,  people would change their impression about me they after read it.]

[I have been in this circle since I was young, I know how to work with the media people, also I know how to express myself.  If it is a new person, or a person who is not of this circle, he doesn't know how to handle the media.]

故國之淚    到天安門找子彈洞

Tears for the country  -  finding bullet holes at Tian Mun Sqaure

At the beginning of September, Ah Mui and the Movie Star Football Team went to Beijing, to do charity for the flood of the East China .  She was the only one who wanted to go to Tian Mun Square to pay respect to those who died there.

Actually if they wanted to do charity for donation for the disaster, why had to breached the previous promise "won't go to China".  In case got troubled from the Beijing officials, wasn't she asking humiliation herself?

[Actually they should worry about me, who knows  what I would say?]

[It is mainly for friends, Eric, Alan, they enthusiastically wanted me to, many cultural organizations hoped that I could go.]

[Why went to Tian Mun Square?  ha ha, hoping I would find some bullet holes.]

In the end,  could not find anything.  Ah Mui got back into the car, and cried.  At that moment, she only had very light make up, wearing a pair of glasses, and in uniform of the football team, the picture at Tian Mun Square touched many people, including the Chinese Representative Liu Yiu Chu.

After returned HK, she went with the Football Team to Bank China for banquet, what did she feel about the Chinese top Government Officials?

[Lee Shui Wah is better, more open.]

During June 4th, 1989, Ah Mui was watching the incident on TV in hotel in Tokyo for the whole night.  She cried so hard, feeling helpless as she was not in a position to do anything.  Now  what's her plan?

[I have decided to stay in Hong Kong.  I hope I can do something with my influence.]

[Influence?  continue to work for movies, keep up my  fame and status;  won't get involved in politics purposely, don't think that I will go back to school to study?]

[It is a pity that my influence is still too small.]

 Dream for a family  --- look for a simple man

Ah Mui said her biggest advantage is that she is 'true".  For the past a few romances, she was very seriously involved.  But why every time she failed?     

[No fate yet.  I don't know how to cover myself up.  From the very beginning, I already let the opposite party know my worst shortcomings.  At least in future he won't say that I lied to him.]

[I wish I can find a simple man, who can take care of me, let me have security, and can protect me from things such as attacks by hooligans in the street.] 

[Simple, I means he has a simple background.  I'm afraid of man who can get around too well.]

[I'm the type once get married, will never get divorced.  Of course if he really turns very bad, then will have no choice but divorce.  But I prefer my marriage last till the end.  I'm very traditional in this area.]

[I will cook, cook for the loved one.  Not only fried eggs, I will cook 3 dishes, definitely no problem.]

[I'm used to live on Hong Kong side.  The house at Causeway Bay is too big.  I will move.  The houses in Japan and Canada?  If I sell them now, I will lose money.   I'm not waiting for money now.]

[I live by myself, of course apartment will be better.  If I have a family, I will consider house.]

[Old age?  plenty grandchildren?  I'm not that optimistic about this.  Most probably only with one house, one person, one cat or one dog.]

[I prepare for the worst for everything.  At least I won't get disappointed in the future.  If I really have plenty grand kids, then I will consider I earn it.]

She herself  --- understands to practice Buddhism

She talked about country, family and  herself.

About Anita Mui, many fortune- tellers always make very bad comments about her: [will commit suicide for love.]  [Will be a beggar when gets old.] and etc.  

She is asked if she believes all these?

[I believe!]

Is she mad?


[I believe in destiny.  But I believe more in the personal power that can change destiny.  If I do charity, show my kindness, I still end in misfortune, then I will not complain, because at least I have tried my best, I will have no regret.]

[I don't have any special plan for charity, hoping people of all levels can be cared for.  Orphans need help; old people can't be neglected, they have contributed to the society, they should get their reward, also we will get old ourselves.]

Since young, she had to work in this world, has suffered so much setbacks, when in the worst situation, how does she comfort herself?  -----  drink?  throw things? shopping crazily?

[I have tried all the methods you mentioned.  But no use.  The best method is actually to sit down, facing the wall, and think over the matter carefully.]

[No body has ever taught me how to handle this world, I learn through mistakes.  After I fell I got up.  I fell again I got up again.]

[When I was young, I suffered from all sorts of illness.  My mother carried me to the Temple of Kwan Yin at Yung Shui Tao and made a wish to Kwan Yin: "If this child can survive, I will foster her to Kwan Yin."  So since young, I worship Kwan Yin, if I feel unhappy, I talk to my "foster mother".]

Also she will chant Heart Sutra.  When Saint Yim Far C came to Hong Kong to preach, Ah Mui went to listen to him too.

Any help?

[Of course, at least I know the meaning of the Heart Sutra, and I also know the meaning of [觀自在菩薩] (Heart Sutra)

Wish for this life   ---    to have more wisdom

In Kyoto, Japan, there is a Clear Water Chi.  There are 3 springs, each represents "wealth", "health", and "wisdom" respectively.  It is said if you drink water from any of these 3 springs, your wish will come true, but only can drink from one spring.

Too bad there is no one for "love", which one will Ah Mui choose?

[Humm........wisdom, health, wisdom, health..........I choose wisdom!]

Why?  is it because not enough wisdom?

[Not really, I already have wisdom, but don't mind to have more.  If a person has wisdom, she can talk more appropriately, with more meaning, people will listen to her.  Also when one has wisdom, she can solve more problems and can help more people.]

Why only considered wisdom and health at first, but not health?

[Oh, I believe every one has hands and feet, won't starve to death.  As long as he is willing to work, he will have money.]

In the circle, Ah Mui is famous being generous.  And she has been cheated by friends and relatives, quite big sums too.  What is her perspective of value of $ ?

[I don't have investment consultant, and I don't need anyone to manage my money.  I myself earn the money, I myself spend, even I use them all or lose all in investment, it is my own business.]

Eric Tsang said he likes to invest in business with friends.  Will Ah Mui have a share in his business?

[I'm not stupid as he.  I don't know how to do business, I'd rather buy beautiful clothes, I like to look beautiful.]

Dream of Japan -----still Momoe Yamaguchi

Anita Mui owns house in Japan, and she likes Momoe Yamaguchi, and once had a Japanese boy friend, she has so much relation with this country.

[Only you think so, Japanese boy friend, that was in the past.  It involved the 3rd party, also I promised not to mention his name, so please don't mention this matter any more.]

[Yep, I still like Momoe Yamaguchi.]

[I feel our childhood was alike.  We both are singer, actress, I also hope my future will be same as hers.]

Future?  like Momoe Yamaguchi, find a good husband, retire from the entertainment circle, and take care of husband and children.

[Six years ago, we talked on the phone.  I have friend in Japan, who knows her.  At that time, Momoe already got married and had her first son.  When the phone got through, I was very excited. We just had some casual talk, and she said she already forgot about everything.  We used a little bit of Japanese, a little bit English, just talked like that.]

[These few years, Momoe's status become superior, her husband is not doing that well.  Actually he doesn't have to work, Momoe is rich.  But Japanese man might like face, must go on.]

[Also there is 西城秀樹, we grew up in the same era, I like Japanese singers.  He is rich too, he has 2 sisters doing investment for him, owns many business.]

[ Matchy, I first met him in Hong Kong, during the period of "Bad Girl".  I was introduced to him by friends, we only greeted each other.  When he came to Hong Kong second time, we got chance to have dinner together.]

[中森明菜?  okay lar.  松田聖子, most disgusting.]

Glory on Stage - retire at the peak of career

Many movie stars linger on the stage.

Jacky Chan, likes Peking Opera; Chow Yuet Fat, Yip Tung, think stage opera will give them satisfaction.  But Anita Mui announced to retire from stage and will hold her farewell concert.

[I'm a bit tired.  Have been singing for so many years, it is enough.  Income of course will be reduced, but I would rather work for more films.]

[Which singers I like?  Very few HK singers, male Gorge Lam, female Yip Tak Har, foreign singers: Gorge Michael, and Diana Ross.]

[In reality, I like everything to be simple.  But for performing, the more complicated the better.  I like "Kawashima Yoshiko".]

[Enhance performing skill?  No lar, all by my talent, ask the director, or do book research.  I like Yik Shu, Yim sum's short stories.  Also I like to read Li Pik Wah's.]

[I don't like to watch video tapes, or VCDs.  When I watch movies, I will go to cinema.  I go anytime, I don't care if people would look at me.  If it is funny, I will laugh whole heartily...kakakaka.......]

[In the past, I like Dick Lung and David Kiang, also Fu Sun.  Like handsome guys?  all people like handsome guys lar, I like to look at pretty girls too.]

[Girls not necessary to be pretty, the most important is to be stylish, just like those models in the foreign magazine, tall and stylish, really make me envy them!]

[I like cartoon movies, like those of Disneyland.  Hate "Snow White" most, I like 《乞嚏大魔王》、《小甜甜》, humm...《城市獵人》 not bad.  What?  Jacky Chan be 孟波? he is not handsome enough.]

Conclusion  ---   Anita Mui in the night

Every time waiting for Anita Mui, must be in the night.

Normally will be late for 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  Wearing a  black shirt skirt, with a pale face, slim and slender arms and legs, she appears in the night.

Then she will put on make up, set her hair,  dress up in glamorous clothes, and then  surrounded by her assistants,  she will start off to work.

Interview will take place in between, watching her putting on power, drawing her eye brows, putting on eye liners  mascara, and lipstick, and then finally you see a glamorous girl in the mirror.

Does she feel she is pretty ?

[No, I never feel that I'm pretty.  I'm inferior in this area.  If I can be 2 inches taller then it will be better.  Just need 2 inches, then I can be a model, can be very stylish.]

That night Ah Mui was working for a fighting movie.  She was dressed so beautifully, but had to fight, and got wet. She already had bruises on her arms, but she was not afraid, no complaint and no regret.

Hope this is not only because she is young.  Hope this truism will accompany her till she is old.