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Anita Mui:  I want to find real sentiment

(Vogue, Aug 1997)

Simplicity is an attitude, not a style.  I know I still can't get rid of many of my burdens.  But I really wish I will lead a simple and carefree life.

Stanley Kwan and Anita Mui are in the same mood, and have a strong desire for  simplicity.

Inside the movie studio, Anita Mui is standing in front of the camera, full of confidence.

She said: [I believe I have talent in this area.]

Her expression displays her clear mind.

Since I was very young, I like the feeling of being on the stage, on which I can directly express myself.  Gathering the feeling of that moment, that is the space I familiar with.

When Anita Mui is very close to time and space, she embraces a mood of her own, a kind of mood that  you might not be able to approach easily, but you can feel her sex appeal.

Anita Mui:  I can consciously sense it, but I might not be able to do it.  I know we should see things from a distance, but I can't be objective.  However, as now I'm not affected by my own basic necessity of life, such as shelter and food, happiness, anger or sorrow, I can look at things more openly.  I can be moved comparatively easily, and can feel the pain of others.  Just like after I saw the movie about the piglet [I'm not stupid, I have things to say], I abstained from eating pork, gradually I will stop eating fowls.  If going in this direction, finally I become a vegetarian.

Stanley Kwan: Since you can  step back and think, you can take care of the things and people around you, not only think about your own grief, actually this is already a distance, an attitude of looking at things.  This to you is in fact a change.

Anita Mui:  Of course I have changed.  In my work, on the whole, I feel I'm facing a transitional time, hoping I can think what I really want, then I'll start.  You know, in the past I didn't have too much independence.  Let's look at filming, I just classify myself as an actress only, to me it is not too interesting already.  In contrary, I have an impulse to create a character,  not just according to a script, but the overall movie environment might not allow you to finish what you think; also look at singing, always so much unnecessary competition,  that makes you feel there is never an ending.  Therefore, a few years ago, I simply declared that I would never receive any award anymore.

Stanley Kwan:  But the Anita Mui I knew in the past was actually a person who strove to excel.  I remember once we chatted in your home, when we talked about your singing, you said in high spirit that you were the best singer.

Anita Mui:  Yep, I am like that since I was young.  I don't like the feeling to lose, even it is a simple game, e.g. 划拳 (guessing with fists.  I don't know the proper name in English, it is a game when they are drinking).  Even I am vomiting due to too much drinks, I still insist to go on, because I don't like to be a loser.

Stanley Kwan:  But you are still in this circle now, it is unavoidable that you will compare yourself with others, would that bothers you?

Anita Mui:  No, it won't.  I will never disparage others in order to raise myself.  It is possible that I will dislike others, but I would not disparage others.  I never have an imaginary enemy, I will only be mad at myself for not being able to do something, my imaginary enemy is myself. 

Stanley Kwan:  If you never have imaginary enemy, then why you decided to withdraw a few years ago.

Anita Mui:  I really felt very tired to live with the profit/status seeking relations.  It is possible for me not to care,  but the record company can't.  Okay, then I won't accept awards, does it mean it is not necessary for me to do anything I don't like to do?

Stanley Kwan:  You decided not to accept award, does it really make your mood comparatively better?

Anita Mui: [With] has its good advantage, and [without] also has its advantage.  When I declared that I would not accept awards, many people immediately thought that I was worthless, saying that Anita Mui not good anymore, her singing no good.  Anyway, many people stepped on me.  At the beginning, of course it was not easy for me to accept that,  I felt I didn't do anything wrong.  But after a few years, I can figure out things quite clearly, actually there must be a transitional period, you must get used to those noises.

Stanley Kwan:  Besides those adverse comments, as a person, how would you hope to improve yourself?

Anita Mui:  Actually I want to put all my things aside, not to worry about them  anymore.

Stanley Kwan:  But you still worry that you have quite heavy burden, for example financial burden of your family.   Actually you are a very traditional person.

Anita Mui:  But I really want to set aside everything.

Stanley Kwan:  If you really set aside everything, will it allow you to have a new direction, that will then give you many different changes and improvement?

Anita Mui:  I don't know, but at least I can definitely find real sentiment!.

It is full of noises of the crowds of people around, the tape recorder keeps on turning .  I have something to tell Anita Mui,  but it can  be possible when there are only two of us, then I won't worry if she will gets hurt, and then I can tell her what I really want to say.  In front of the tape recorder, I'm not able to say it, because what is recorded by the tape recorder will be kept in record.

Therefore although in the end, when this article appears, you might feel that Stanley Kwan's questions are stupid, Anita Mui's replies are stupid too, it is better than to hurt her.  I can only say, don't hurt her anymore!

By Stanley Kwan



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