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Thanks Dana for this piece of translation!

'Hong Kong Television' 949th issue Jan.9, 1986

Mui Yim  Fong--A winter romance.

Sandy beach, flowery waves, oil lamps, Beethoven's music.

Too many pictures of Anita Mui were shot in studio, it is getting too boring. Therefore this time we specially invited her to the beach for some pictures shot [a winter romance]. Didn’t expect her first response was so fast, the only condition is:

Anita:  It must be very romantic, with enough that feeling, then I will accept your invitation.  

Of course, with the sandy beach, flowery waves, oil lamps together with  the statue of Beethoven, Mui Yim Fong  doesn’t have to waste any time to create a sentimental feeling, as  she naturally immerses in this romantic atmosphere.

Anita: Very happy and feeling ease at mind, as now I can really feel the significance of it, each sec. and each min. of my ordinary days are full of noise,  but now I'll just let myself be embraced by the sea breeze of nature for a while.  A  very  literary Mui Yim Fong

Never expected Mui Yim Fong could be so romantic. But, after this experience, her strength in “this department”  has been discovered slowly , despite her original coldness she can be romantic too.

In other words, in front of the camera, Mui Yim Fong's romantic  feelings  can  be impregnable, but  in private if she can be romantic,  only she herself would  know--

Anita: 'Romance is  like a piece of magical pill which  diversifies or stimulates  one's life, therefore when life is  under too much pressure , I always want to feel romantic, at that precise hour, in that kind of environment, a person can become more comfortable .'  This means  even  not facing the camera,   Mui Yim Fong enjoys being romantic too,  but only those who have fate with her can see her like that.

As a result of her romantic nature, it stimulates me to consider Mui Yim Fong from another point of view, is it possible  her coldness and stubbornness just a disguise? Actually, being looked  from another angle Mei Yan Fang should have tender feelings, remembering the phrase of Tang Dynasty poet 杜牧 [too much affectionate feelings could result in heartless feelings] is it?  

Romantic plus tender feelings-- a new discovery of Mui Yim Fong!  



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